How Big Do Maltipoos Get? Useful Info For The Cutest Puppies

Maltipoos, like Goldendoodles, are cross breed dogs that are impossible not to like. More and more dog owners are choosing this particular type of doggies to become part of their families. Whether you just started thinking and Maltipoos get?

The size of a pup is an important feature to take into consideration when thinking of getting one. Living conditions, owner’s lifestyle, and family – all this will influence the type of dog one owns because certain dog sizes may not be compatible with a particular living situation.

Maltipoos can come in different sizes and their growth can be affected by some circumstances. Continue reading to find out when Maltipoos are fully grown, how big do Maltipoos get, and some additional information related to these cuties.

Toy or Mini – How Big Do Maltipoos Get?

A Poodle and a Maltese make this adorable crossbreed puppy. So, the size of a Maltipoo will greatly depend on the size of its parents, as well as on its gender, generation, and mix. Generally, Maltipoo’s parents are a Toy or Miniature Poodle, and a Maltese which is a toy breed. Consequently, there are Toy Maltipoos and Mini Maltipoos.

When puppies start growing they will show fast growth in the first months of their puppy life, and when they reach half the size, their growth will start slowing down. They will reach their peak size once they are fully grown. To get an idea of how big your Maltipoo can get, we will go through the generations, growth phases, and approximate fully grown sizes of a Toy Maltipoo and a Miniature Maltipoo.

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How big can my Toy Maltipoo get?

Toy Maltipoo’s parents are a Toy Poodle and a Maltese. It is the smaller one of the two Maltipoo types. The Toy Maltipoo will become a full-grown dog somewhere between the seventh and the eleventh month of its life. Its maximum height would be eleven inches, and its weight would be from five to fifteen pounds.

Furthermore, feeding your Maltipoo pup a proper nutritious and energy-dense food is extremely important for its growth. There are certain types of dog food that are specifically made for small or toy breeds.

How big can my Mini Maltipoo get?

Of course, Mini Maltipoos will be bigger than Toy Maltipoos. However, they still belong to the small breed group. Mini Maltipoos are a mix of a Maltese and Miniature Poodle. They reach their adult size between the eleventh and thirteenth months of their lives. Mini Maltipoos can weigh anywhere between fifteen and twenty-five pounds. Their height will be from eleven to fourteen inches.

The metabolic rate of small breed doggies is generally higher than the one of larger breeds. Although they have little bodies, they will require more calories per pound of bodyweight. Choose the best and healthiest dog food that will meet your Maltipoo’s nutritional needs.

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Generation: How big do Maltipoos Get?

There are several features that can impact the size of a Maltipoo. Gender plays a big role in the growth of these cuties. Female Maltipoos are actually 10% smaller than males. As mentioned above, the size of the parents will also influence how big Maltipoos get. But, one important feature to consider when answering the question “How big do Maltipoos get” is their generation.

There are four generations of Maltipoos: F1, F1b, F2, and F2b. F1 (first-generation) is a generation whose parents are a Maltese and a Toy/Mini Poodle. These little balls of love can look like one parent, but their personality may be completely like the other one. Moreover, puppies from the same litter may not look alike.

The F1b generation (first-generation backcross) has one parent Maltipoo and the other one is an original breed, which usually is a Poodle. In relation, the puppy will inherit most of the features and personality from the original breed.
F2 generation has two Maltipoos parents of the first generation (F1). And, F2b has a Poodle parent and a Maltipoo from the F2 generation.

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In addition, two F2 parents will give birth to another generation of Maltipoos, F3. But, this generation and beyond are usually mentioned as multigenerational.

Knowing your Maltipoo’s parents will help you to predict your pup’s size more accurately. Generally speaking, the generations with the original Mini Poodle parent will be bigger in size.

Besides the size, the generation of your Maltpipoo will affect other aspects as well. Your doggies coat and the level of shedding will be greatly influenced by its generation. Using the best dog shampoo and frequent brushing your little furry ball of love will help with maintaining your Maltipoo’s coat.

In conclusion

Maltipoos are sweet, cute, and playful little creatures that will make a great companion. They are small and cuddly but still require proper care. The information in this guide will help you to have an idea of how big your Maltipoo can get so that you can prepare to be the best Maltipoo parent. Even if you don’t have your pup yet, use the info to choose the best type of Maltipoo that fits your lifestyle, living conditions, and family.

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