Welcome To Pets Motherland

A beginning of a story about friends and pets…

Our entire team is made up of people who are extremely passionate and have a great love for all animals. But passion is not the only reason that drove us to create PetsMotherland. All of us have been pet owners and surrounded by animals since we were little kids. In the pictures below you can see Kire and Nino with their past and current family members. Yes, we are talking about the adorable kitty, hamster, and doggies, not the snake, even though she was very beautiful and patient with us.

Kire on vacation with his family and pets

Two of us have owned cats for the past ten years, and one is a dog owner. Throughout the time we all have lost a furry friend, have had numerous unforgettable memories, and many experiences that taught us how to take care of our furry companions the proper way. We have made many mistakes during these years, and we learned from them. But we don’t want you to make the same mistakes we did, and that is why we would love to share what we learned with you to help you find what you are looking for your pet.

Nino with his pets

We are on a mission…

Our goal here at PetsMotherland is to build a community of people who need valuable information about caring for pets. We want to help you connect better and on a deeper level with your new furry or feathery family member. Besides, we strive to give you sound advice about the best products for you and your companion.

My fluffy friend

How does it work behind the scenes?

All the content on PetsMotherland has been carefully organized and edited by us, the creators of the site. We tend to use freelance writers who have experience with pets and animals in order to offer more genuine and accurate information. However, nothing gets published without us giving the go-ahead because we want to verify that all information is accurate.

Furthermore, we try our best to cover products that we personally or our writers have used, but that is not always possible. In that case, we build our content on online feedback from customers who have purchased these items.
We would like to mention that we don’t Wikipedia for information. Also, we don’t cover products that aren’t pet-friendly or cruelty-free.

All in all, our aim is to give you a site that you can trust to visit for advice or purchase of products.

The reason why…

We have noticed an increasing interest in becoming a pet owner, and being one is not an easy task. Many people decide to take a pet and once they realize that it needs to be well taken care of, they abandon it. That leads to a bigger number of homeless animals. But, we also acknowledge the fact that there are more and more adopted pets.

Considering all this we realized that there is an extensive need for helpful and practical information about pet care, and pet product choices.

This is the reason why we decided to bring you PetsMotherland.

You’ll love our site if…

PetsMotherland offers you real-life stories and experiences. We want to give you insightful and genuine material that you can make the most of.

That is why you’ll love our site if:

  • You want clear and fact-based information on pet products for dogs, cats, rodents, guinea pigs and parrots;
  • You need useful advice about pet care;
  • You want to read real experiences from real people.

If this is you, then we look forward to sharing our passion, our experience, and our PetsMotherland with you and we hope you’ll find what you are looking for because you and your pet deserve nothing less.

Kire & Nino

Founders and Editors at Pets Motherland

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