A Mini Goldendoodle Weight – Full Guide For New Owners

Goldendoodles…What are Goldendoodles? They are a bundle of cuteness mixed from a poodle and a golden retriever. And, to be even more head over heels for them they got the best traits of both breeds.

Goldendoodles are furry balls of love that are friendly, caring, and clever, and they don’t shed a lot when properly cared for. Furthermore, they are amazing doggies to have around for pets. Even if you are a newbie and just preparing for owning a dog, these pups are going to make a wonderful, loving companion whether it is your first time becoming a pet parent or not.

Being a mix of two breeds, Goldendoodles’ size varies and it can come in three types: Miniature, Small Standard, and Large Standard. Different sizes mean different weights at different stages of their development. Each Goldendoodle size its specific needs and requirements that need to be met.

In this article, our main discussion is going to be about miniature Goldendoodle weight, but we will go through other topics which are closely related to it. Miniature or mini Goldendoodles’ poodle parent is a miniature or toy poodle. They are the smallest of the Goldendoodles, but even they can vary in size.

How big can a mini Goldendoodle get? How much does a mini Goldendoodle weigh? The answer to these questions and to some others you may have about these adorable creatures is in the content below.

Mini goldendoodle

Family Tree

As mentioned above, mini Goldendoodles are a mix of two breeds, the miniature poodle and the golden retriever.

Miniature poodles

The Miniature poodle actually has two versions or sizes: the miniature poodle and the toy poodle. The first ones can be around twelve inches tall, whereas the second ones can be at around ten inches. Although they are small, they have a lot of energy and they need physical activities.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers enjoy being active and they are quite energetic. These pups require training time because in the past they were working dogs, so they need social time as well as walk time. Goldies are known to be the perfect family dogs, and they are quite loyal and devoted to their owners.

Both breeds tend to be quite active and energetic, so there is no doubt that their puppy will require time for training and physical activity. It is important to know the characteristics of both breeds, because a Goldendoodle is a mixture of both, and you can’t predict their behavior as you would with pure breeds. However, the mini Goldendoodle inherited the best traits of both, so your life will be twice more exciting if you give your ball of fur the love and care it needs.


What kind of temperament do they have?

With highly energetic parents, the mini Goldendoodles can be nervy and very active. They need consistent physical and mental training every single day. The owners of a mini Goldendoodle must be prepared to have time dedicated for their pups because these doggies are very social and friendly.

Furthermore, their hearts are full of love for their owners, but they will want to socialize with almost everyone you meet during your walk in the park.

These furry balls of love are the perfect family dog. They are very intelligent, they are not aggressive and as we have already established, they are very playful. Their gentleness makes them great with kids. Mini Goldendoodles enjoy being brushed, petted, and even cuddled. They have been chosen as therapy dogs by many people exactly because of their natural drive to snuggle and their love for the owners.

Moreover, due to their low prey drive, they can be quite good friends with other breeds of doggies, as well as with cats. But, it is not advised to leave them unsupervised.

One more thing you may want to know before getting a mini Goldendoodle is that they can be loud. They express their happiness, excitement, or boredom with barking. Of course, there are certain brain training techniques you can use to help your mini Goldendoodle control its impulses and obey verbal commands, but it will not stop their barking completely. So, if you have neighbors who are not very fond of barking, maybe you should advise them beforehand or choose a different dog breed.

Goldendoodle swims in pool

Mini Goldendoodle Weight, Height, and more…

Mini Goldendoodle Fur Color

Since they are cross-breed, the mini Goldendoodles can have a different shade of fur, different heights, and their hair can be wavy or curly. There are instances where puppies from the same litter differ in height or fur color.

In relation, the color of their fur can vary from shades of brown or red to light cream color or vibrant red. If you don’t trim your pup’s hair regularly, it can grow into a long wavy, or curly mess.

Mini Goldendoodle Height

When it comes to their height, toy Goldendoodles aren’t much shorter than miniature Goldendoodles. Toy Goldendoodle’s height can go up to fifteen inches shoulder level, whereas the mini Goldendoodle’s height can be between fifteen and seventeen inches.

Mini Goldendoodle Weight

Mini Goldendoodle’s weight goes from twenty-five to thirty-five pounds, and toy Goldendoodles can reach a maximum of twenty-five pounds. As with most breeds of doggies, the mini Goldendoodles will become fully grown during their first six to twelve months of life. Of course, as they age their weight will be affected.

Your mini Goldendoodle’s weight and size will largely depend on how big its parents are. Also, gender can affect the mini Goldendoodle’s weight. Female golden balls of love are likely to weigh less and be shorter than male mini Goldendoodles.

Goldendoodles in different places

Golden grooming standards

Mini Goldendoodles don’t have double-coated fur. Although they don’t shed that much, they still require consistent brushing and trimming to avoid matting their fur. Their curly coat can become trouble, so ensure that you brush your golden ball of fur at least once or twice a week.

If you are confident with scissors, you can try trimming your pup’s coat. Otherwise, an experienced groomer should take care of your ball of fur at least the first time, and recommend the best hairstyle for your canine friend that is the easiest to maintain (2).

Although mini Goldendoodles don’t have that distinct doggie smell, they still can have an odor if you don’t give them the care they need. Regular baths with the best dog shampoo are necessary, especially if your golden ball of love spends a lot of time outdoors. Being the active dogs that they are, they can get a lot of dirt on their coat.

Few more words on mini Goldendoodles

Although mini Goldendoodles may remind you of your childhood teddy bear, and they love to cuddle, bear in mind that they require regular time for physical exercise. If you want to snuggle with your mini ball of love, you will need to schedule walking and playtime to satisfy their energetic nature. Furthermore, the mini Goldendoodle’s weight will depend on the level of activity it is getting as well. Their weight may not go over forty pounds, but a fit dog is a happy dog.

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