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We all know doggies are a man’s best friend, and we need to treat them as one. Pups are naturally playful and happy (remember that happy bark when you come back home from work), so if you notice that your furry pal is irritable and moody, check if the reason for that is their dry and flaky skin.

Our canine friends deserve the best care, and they depend on their owners to provide exactly that. If you leave your pup with dry and itchy skin, it will hurt itself. Recognize the signs on time and give your little ball of fur the best dog shampoo for dry, itchy skin.

One thing you should avoid doing is bathing your pup with shampoo for humans. It is toxic for them, and it will cause more damage.

You probably wonder how to choose the best dog shampoo for dry and itchy skin with all that variety offered in the stores. This article will give you an insight into the features the best shampoo should have, the causes and the symptoms of dry, flaky skin, and our top five dog shampoos for dry, itchy skin.

If you want to know how you can help your furry friend, and especially if you are a new dog owner who is preparing for owning a dog, continue reading the content below.

Dog itches

What can cause your pup to have dry and itchy skin?

Causes of dry skin in dogs can be of hereditary nature, dietary, or some external and internal factors can play a role as well.

Dogs can have dry and flaky skin for many reasons, but you need to be certain that your pup doesn’t have an allergic reaction. The skin can be dry, and allergies can cause excessive scratching, which also leads to oily coats.

Before making any decision, check with a vet because your furry ball of love might need special medication for allergies.

Some causes of dry and itchy skin in dogs can be serious and require special medical attention. On the other hand, some causes may be relatively mild.

If the doggie was bitten by a termite or some other parasitic attack, the cause may be a bacterial reaction.

Furthermore, your pup’s skin might become dry due to low humidity in the home or heating during cold weather.

A deficiency in Vitamin A or zinc may be another cause for your canine friend to have dry skin. Shedding hair and odor are other symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency, whereas deficiency in zinc causes redness and an oily coat.

In contrast, if you bathe your pup too excessively or you bathe it with the wrong shampoo, it can have dry skin as well.

Ringworm is another cause of crusty skin accompanied by itchiness and loss of hair.

Canine distemper is a disease that leads to the thickening of the little footpads and the end of the nose, followed by dry, flaky skin.

Nevertheless, it is very easy to notice that your pup has dry and itchy skin, and choosing the best dog shampoo is crucial. Knowing the cause will help you help your little ball of fur.

Dog shampoo

Notice the symptoms

It’s essential that you notice the symptoms on time because if itchiness is present, it may lead to redness, and your pup can hurt itself.

Like every human, every doggie is different, and your pup may have one or all symptoms of dry and itchy skin.

Some of the signs you need to be aware of are dandruff (this symptom was common with my pup), scaling, and flaking. Also, loss of fur can appear as a result of excessive scratching. Sometimes, a bad and unpleasant odor will be present as well. Pimples, itchiness, and inflammation are other symptoms your pup may display.

Keep an eye on your doggie and always consult with a vet if you are concerned and not certain what causes dry and itchy skin.

How does the best dog shampoo for dry, itchy skin help your ball of fur?

Regardless of whether your canine companion has dry skin or not, every good dog owner has to provide good quality shampoo for their pet. The right shampoo will help with skin infection prevention and other health issues. Moreover, it will keep the dog clean and battle unpleasant smells.

Using the proper shampoo will minimize the risk of your doggie contracting bacterial and fungal infections, as it gets rid of bacteria and parasites.

In relation, dog shampoos for dry, itchy skin hydrate the skin of your pup, reducing the itchiness and thus making the pup feel more pleasant. They have moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, which make soften the flaky and dry skin.

However, besides hydrating the skin, some shampoos for dry skin help with infection treatment as well. As we mentioned above, the cause of your canine friend’s dry skin might be a fungal or bacterial infection such as ringworm.

The natural pH of your dog’s skin is out of balance if dryness and flakiness are present. A quality dog shampoo will restore the natural level of pH and get rid of the flakiness.

The fur of your four-legged friend has natural oils whose production makes the hair look soft and healthy. By bathing the doggie with a proper dog shampoo for dry skin, you will ensure these natural oils bring back the shiny and healthy look of your ball of the fur coat.

If the pup has skin issues, the best dog shampoo for dry, flaky, and itchy skin contains ingredients that will help with certain skin conditions. Manage dermatitis or other extreme skin problem can be relieved with the proper shampoo.

Dog is bathing

Try to prevent it

Certain dog breeds are more prone to skin dryness, so you will need to do some research if you want to prevent dry skin rather than deal with it.

The best and simplest way to prevent dry, itchy skin is using a dog shampoo meant for the prevention and elimination of these symptoms.

Furthermore, proper and healthy nutrition is another way to ensure your little ball of fur has healthy skin. Check with a vet about adequate supplementation, which has a big effect on the condition of the dog’s skin.

Treating allergies and parasites as soon as possible is a great way to prevent symptoms of dry and itchy skin.

In relation regular baths will do wonders in the prevention of dry skin because your pup’s skin will be clean, without dirt and parasites. Understandably, your shampoo choice will make all the difference in battling the symptoms of dry and itchy skin.

The frequency and the quality of grooming play a huge role in the condition of the doggie’s skin. If too much fur is removed, then it may have a negative effect and make your pooch even more prone to dry skin.

Lastly, regular visits to the vet are a must for prevention because they may be able to notice the symptoms and the causes much sooner, which will be easier for your ball of love and you.

What to look for when making your choice?

You know the symptoms, and you know the cause, but how to choose the best dog shampoo for dry, itchy skin? What features to consider when making a choice? We have the answer to this question in the content below.

First and foremost, knowing your pup’s skin and coat will help you in your decision. For example, if the little one has a smooth coat and its skin is sensitive, then shampoo with aloe vera, oatmeal, or rosewater would be a great choice. If your pooch is like mine and it has a furry coat, then the shampoo has to contain conditioner because it will be easier to manage its coat. Hypoallergenic shampoos are perfect if the dog has dry and itchy skin that is prone to allergies. The shampoo will nourish its skin and soothe the itching.

If your canine friend spends a lot of time outside, its coat may have some unpleasant smell. A shampoo with a deodorant will help to remove the odor. Consider this type of shampoo even if your pup isn’t the outdoorsy type but you notice it has a particular smell.

Moreover, if the dog has constant issues with fleas and ticks, using only a dog shampoo made for repelling these and other parasites will not help. Consult with a vet about additional treatments and appropriate shampoo recommendations.

Your doggie’s age is something you should also take into consideration when making a choice. If your ball of fur is a young pup, then it is better to choose a shampoo with mild and gentle ingredients suitable for its age.

The magical ingredients

If your dog has sensitive skin, you will need to look for a shampoo that contains as many natural ingredients as possible. That means reading labels and checking ingredients to ensure that the product you choose doesn’t have anything that can worsen the condition of your pup’s skin.

So, what kind of natural ingredients to look for on the labels? Vitamins, herbal proteins, and oil essences are some items that should be in a natural product. But, even with these ingredients, some shampoos can contain chemicals. Therefore, it is of great importance to read labels.

Aloe vera and oatmeal are the two factors that have healing properties, and you may want to consider choosing a shampoo that has at least one of them. They are both great for moisturizing the pup’s skin and soothing the itching.

Vitamins for dog

The chemicals in the oatmeal relieve itching and balance the pH of the doggie’s skin. Furthermore, it makes the skin soft and removes flaky skin due to its grainy structure.

Aloe vera is well known for its healing properties, and it soothes the pup’s skin while treating bites and allergies as well.

If your pup’s skin condition is caused by a parasite, then you will need to look for a shampoo with anti-parasitic features that will help in killing all parasites and prevent further infestation.

Hypoallergenic shampoos are your best option if your dog’s dry skin is a consequence of an allergic reaction or if the pooch is prone to allergies.

Prepare your tub, and it’s bath time…

You chose the best dog shampoo for dry, itchy skin, and now it’s time to use it. But how and when to shampoo your furry friend? That’s why we are here. We may not be there with you while you bathe your pup, but we will do our best to guide you through it.

A doggie with dry and itchy skin should take a bath once every two weeks. Although, this may not be the case for dogs with certain conditions that require more frequent bathing as part of a treatment. Unless there are specific indications on the shampoo that it is designed for daily use, then bathing your ball of love more frequently may dry its skin even more.

Bathtime is not something that many dogs enjoy. So, if it isn’t done properly, your canine friend may think you are punishing it for something.

You could try using some snacks as a reward for their desired behavior during bathing, and maybe some bigger reward after bath time.

Before you start bathing, ensure the water isn’t too hot because it may cause even further damage to the pup’s skin, and it will feel uncomfortable.

Furthermore, because of its sensitive skin, you will need to be extra careful and gentle with your pooch. An accidental scratch can hurt them quite a lot.

Rinsing is something that is crucial and needs to be done properly. If there is any residual shampoo left, your dog’s skin will continue to be dry and itchy. Also, by rinsing thoroughly, you will remove the allergens and parasites.

When you are done with rinsing, let your pup shake off the extra water and then dry them with a towel. Avoid using a hairdryer, regardless if it is made for dogs, because this can be an additional cause of dry skin.

Our Top Five Dog Shampoos for Dry, Itchy Skin

Vet’s Best Allergy Itch Relief Shampoo for Dogs

Vet’s Best is a brand that works on creating formulas for skin and organ health. The line is created on the view that health comes from the inside out, as well as from the outside in.

If your little ball of fur’s skin condition is caused by an allergic reaction, then Vet’s Best Allergy Itch Relief Shampoo for Dogs is a great choice. This itch-relief shampoo removes allergens from your dog’s skin, leaving the pup smelling fresh and clean.

The shampoo is soap-free which is great because soap can dry out the skin even more, and because of this, you could use the shampoo more frequently.

Natural ingredients like oatmeal, d-limonene, and tea tree oil moisturize the skin and soothe any itching caused by allergens.

Best dog shampoo for dry itchy skin

If your canine friend has an odor that is caused by dry and itchy skin, then the Vet’s Best shampoo will make the little ball of fur smell like it just had a spa day.

The shampoo’s formula is safe, so if it touches the dog’s eyes, it won’t irritate them.

And the price is quite affordable, which means you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your furry friend feel comfortable


  • It contains natural ingredients: oatmeal, d-limonene, essential oils, and tea tree oils
  • It has a soap-free formula
  • It is affordable
  • It hydrates and soothes the pup’s skin
  • It is safe and gentle on the doggie’s eyes


  • It is scented, which may not be preferred by the pooch
  • There may be no improvement after one use
  • Try it on one small part of the skin before applying it everywhere because every dog’s skin is different, and they may have a reaction to it

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Shampoo

The pet products of Veterinary Formula Clinical Care offer over-the-counter medicated items for grooming that give an effective treatment of skin issues.

Skin infections like dermatitis and pyoderma can appear as a result of hormonal imbalance, allergic reactions, and weakened immune systems. If your doggie has a skin infection (especially dermatitis or pyoderma), then this is the shampoo for you.

Best dog shampoo for dry itchy skin

Furthermore, the shampoo’s formula contains Benzethonium Chloride, which will assist in eliminating any bacteria that cause the infection. And, Ketoconazole will fight fungal infections like ringworm.

The fragrance of the Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal shampoo deodorizes and removes any odor your pooch may have as a result of dry and itchy skin.

Moreover, the shampoo contains aloe vera, which has healing properties and helps with the healing of the skin and soothing the itching.

The coconut oil cleansing base removes dirt and makes the coat soft and shiny.

The shampoo is 100% paraben-free, and it is safe to use it two times a week until the condition of your dog’s skin gets better. Afterward, you can continue using the shampoo once a week, preventatively.

Be careful when applying the shampoo, and avoid contact with your pup’s eyes.


  • It is great for pups with skin infections like dermatitis and pyoderma
  • It is excellent if your canine friend has a fungal infection like the ringworm
  • It can be used up to two times a week until the skin of the dog has healed
  • It contains aloe vera for hydration and itch relief
  • It has a coconut oil cleansing base
  • It is paraben-free


  • It has a fragrance that your pup may not like very much
  • If your ball of fur has long or curly hair, you probably will need to get a conditioner
  • Doesn’t contain any organic or hypoallergenic ingredients
  • It may be harsh for some doggies

Well & Good Oatmeal Medicated Dog Shampoo

Well, & Good is a brand that offers a variety of high-quality pet products starting from eye wipes and probiotics for your little ball of love to recovery cone collars. They provide care for your pet’s health from the inside and the outside.

Well & Good Oatmeal Medicated Dog Shampoo’s formula is a blend of oat protein, aloe vera, kava extract, and coconut-based cleansers, which is an effective and soothing treatment for your dog’s skin.

Best dog shampoo for dry itchy skin

It will provide hydration to the skin while removing dirt and debris from your pooch. Also, it will relieve itching from dandruff, seborrhea, and hot spots and make your furry ball of love feel calmer.

You can use this shampoo while at the same time, you are treating your pooch for fleas and ticks because its ingredients don’t interfere with the treatment.

The Well & Good Oatmeal Medicated Dog Shampoo is a great solution for moderate to severe skin issues because of its soothing properties. It treats redness, flakiness, and inflammation while giving your doggie a healthy, shiny, and soft coat.

Also, the shampoo has Vitamin E, which helps in nourishing and healing the skin.


  • It contains the two most important healing ingredients, oatmeal, and aloe vera
  • It has kava extract and Vitamin E, which help moisturize and healing the skin of your furry friend
  • It can be used for mild to severe skin conditions
  • It contains coconut-derived skin cleansers
  • It doesn’t interfere with flea and tick treatments
  • It isn’t scented


  • It doesn’t contain a conditioner
  • You can use it once a week
  • There is no indication that its ingredients are organic

Espree Natural Tea Tree and Aloe Dog Shampoo

Espree’s pet grooming products offer a solution to skin issues, moisturizing and conditioning needs, as well as odor treatments.

Espree’s Natural Tea Tree and Aloe Dog Shampoo is a natural product made from organically grown aloe vera.

It can be used on puppies as well as dogs, and it will help with relieving skin irritations and reducing fungus infections.

Best dog shampoo for dry itchy skin

Your pup’s dry skin disorder will be soothed with the combination of tea tree oil extract and aloe vera. Also, it will help if your pooch has a flea bite, hot spots, or dermatitis.

Moreover, you can use it safely while treating your dog for ticks and fleas. And the tea tree scent will make your canine friend smell nice and fresh after bath time.


  • It is a natural product
  • It contains 100% organic aloe vera
  • It can be used while the pup is treated for ticks and fleas
  • It can be applied to puppies as well as dogs
  • It can alleviate any skin irritation caused by a fungus, as well as flea bites, hot spots, and dermatitis
  • It’s affordable


  • It doesn’t specify that it contains conditioner, so you may need to purchase one if your dog has a curly or long coat

TropiClean Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo for Puppies

The pet products of TropiClean use natural and safe ingredients in their formula. They offer a variety of items for grooming, as well as supplements.

TropiClean Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo is great for puppies older than 12 weeks, dogs, and kittens that face skin issues due to allergies. Also, it’s a good choice if your pup has sensitive skin as well because its natural products will leave the skin hydrated, soft, and shiny.

Best dog shampoo for dry itchy skin

The coconut-based cleanser will give your doggie a fresh tropical smell, and it is safe to use daily because it doesn’t contain soap. You could use it during treatment for ticks and fleas, as well.

The shampoo has oatmeal and aloe extract, which contribute to the healing and soothing properties of the product.

Also, the bottle is made from 50% recycled material, which means it is earth-friendly. Isn’t that awesome?


  • Its formula contains naturally derived ingredients
  • It has the two most important elements: oatmeal and aloe vera
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • It is soap-free
  • It’s pH balanced
  • It’s paraben and dye-free
  • It’s suitable for puppies older than 12 weeks and dogs
  • Its bottle is made from 50% recycled material


  • The smell of coconut doesn’t last long
  • It doesn’t contain a conditioner, so if your pup needs some, you will need to get it separately

Few more words…

Dry and itchy skin can make your pooch feel irritable and uncomfortable, and we all want our canine friends to be the cuddly and playful creatures that they are. That’s why it is crucial to give them the best possible care.

We are positive that our list of best dog shampoos for dry, itchy skin will help you choose the most suitable one for your ball of fur and its condition. Your choice will depend on the needs of your ball of love and its particular skin condition.

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