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Every cat owner spends time searching for the best cat litter for their kitty and their home. Whether it is the best cat litter that doesn’t track or the best cat litter that doesn’t spread odor, a parent of a feline will end up paying more for cat litter than for cat food.

There are many types of cat litter that differ in the material that has been used to make them. Starting from the most common one, clay cat litter, then all the way to litter made of coconuts husks, corn, or even diatom pebbles like the Skoon Cat Litter, the choices are endless.

Lately, cat owners have been switching to more eco-friendly and more cost-effective options like wood pellet cat litter. If you are thinking about this option and you aren’t sure if it is the choice you want to make, this article will help you make a decision.

In the content below we will discuss thoroughly wood pellet cat litter pros and cons, we will answer some of the most common questions and we will give you several product recommendations.

Wood Pellet Cat Litter Pros and Cons, and Bonus Info

Before going into an analysis of wood pellet cat litter pros and cons, let’s see what exactly cat litters that contain wood pellets are.

Obviously, the pellets are made of wood, and usually, the type of wood used to produce them is cedarwood or pine. The cat litter is a natural product, its pellets are larger than the ones of the clay-based litter, and the compressed wood fibers that compose the pellets break down into sawdust when they get wet. So, the wood pellet litter doesn’t clump like the more commonly used clay litter, but it is simple to clean and it is user-friendly.

Now, let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of wood pellet cat litter, and help you decide whether switching to this type of cat litter is the right choice for your feline friend and you as well.

wood pellet

Wood Pellet Cat Litter – PROS

It is entirely natural and it helps with odor reduction

Since wood pellet litter is made of compressed wood fibers, it means that it is a completely natural product. In relation, it doesn’t contain any additives or chemicals for odor reduction, yet it helps with eliminating odor from the litter. This is due to the natural pine scent of the wood. The added fragrance to cat litter may cause headaches in the owner and the feline.

Furthermore, because of their high absorption of liquids, the pellets keep the urine from the cat while the litter stays dry. This prevents odor from spreading in the air.

It is safe for the environment

The material used for the production of the pellets is biodegradable and renewable. This means that it may be safe to be flushed in the toilet. But, read the instructions on the bag before you decide to do this. The packaging should have a label where it clearly states that it can be flushed.

In addition, if there are feces from your cat in the litter, scoop them out before flushing them. Your cat can be carrying a bacterial disease that can contaminate the water and the soil.

If you want to play on the safe side, another way you can dispose of wood pellet cat litter is by composting it. Though, you shouldn’t use it to grow edible plants, spices, and herbs. The package of the litter should be labeled accordingly if it is safe to utilize it as compost.

It is safe for your kitty

This may be one of the most important features you should look for in a cat litter. Your kitty’s health is your top priority. Protecting your feline friend from choking and other digestive issues that can arise from ingesting cat litter is of utmost importance.

Wood pellet cat litter may be one of the least hazardous types of litter. One of the reasons for this is because it doesn’t create dust. Most cat litters create a dust cloud when they are scooped or when the feline is using it. This dust is inhaled by the furry ball of love or ingested when it licks its coat. So, by using wood pellet cat litter your kitty is less likely to have issues with its respiratory system

Furthermore, because the pellets are larger than the granules of other types of litter it won’t stick your feline’s paws. So, when your kitty cleans its little paws, it won’t ingest any granules. But, even if it accidentally does eat a few pellets, they are made of a completely natural material that doesn’t pose any threat to your cat’s health.

In addition, since the pellets don’t clump, they aren’t a choking hazard. However, your cat can be allergic to some natural ingredients, so watch for any allergic reactions to the wood pellets.

It is convenient for you

Wood pellet cat litter can be more cost-effective. Although some wood pellet brands may be pricier than clay-based cat litter, you won’t be throwing away unsoiled litter when you clean your kitty’s litter box.

Furthermore, because wood pellets are larger than clay granules, they will not stick to the little paws of your kitty. The pellets won’t get out of the litter box, and you won’t need to clean that often. Also, when you pour the litter or clean it there won’t be any dust clouds, so no dusty floors and other surfaces.

To add to the advantages, the wood pellet cat litter is quite lighter than the commonly used clay litter. So, if you decide to buy a larger quantity, it won’t be difficult to transfer the bags from the shop to your home.

Cat litter with wood pellet

Wood Pellet Cat Litter – CONS

Your cat may not enjoy the wood pellets

This may be the most challenging disadvantage of wood pellet cat litter. Outdoor cats would normally use sand, grass, or soil to do their business. So, it may not be natural for your cat to use the wood pellets, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t, you’ll just need time to get your cat to use the new type of pellet litter.

Once it gets used to the pellets, your kitty may even prefer them rather than the clay grains because they feel softer and don’t get stuck in their tiny paws.

Also, as we mentioned above, some cats may be allergic to wood, so keep an eye on your kitty, or test it before you start using the pellets.

If you decide to go for pine wood pellets, your feline friend may not be very fond of the pine scent.

Cleaning can be a challenge

The wood pellet cat litter usually doesn’t clump, which may be a feature that some cat owners don’t really like. Clumping litter can be scooped easily.

Cleaning wood pellets may not be necessarily a big challenge, but it is different. Whether you are using a disposable litter box or a regular that doesn’t have a sift for pellets, the scooping process will be the same. First, you scoop out and dispose of the poop. Then, instead of scooping the soiled litter as you would normally, you will take out the clean pellets and put them in a cleaned litter box. If it is necessary, you can add more clean pellets to the existing one.

Another option is to get a litter box with a sifter where the disintegrated wet pellets gather and you just clean that part.

Whatever you choose, it will take some to get used to a new way of cleaning.

Recommendations for Wood Pellet Cat Litter

Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter Produced By Okocat

Okocat’s devotion to a cleaner planet and healthier cats brought their cat litter that is eco-friendly, healthier for cats and people, and it is plant-based.

Okocat Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter

Original Premium Wood Clumping Cat Litter is made of reclaimed wood and it is a blend of pine, spruce, and fir. Moreover, it is biodegradable, sustainable and as it says in the title it clumps. The pellets don’t disintegrate and you can easily scoop the soiled litter.

This wood cat litter by Okocat is flushable, so you can safely flush it in the toilet one clump after another. Also, since the pellets are larger, there won’t be any tracking, so less cleaning for you.

Furthermore, it is completely free from any chemicals, toxic dyes, artificial fragrances, and its natural scent will help with odor control, so, no stinky cat toilet and no stinky home for you.

Your kitty won’t have any issues with its respiratory system because the litter is almost entirely dust-free.


  • It is completely natural, without any artificial dyes, fragrances, or other additives
  • It is clumping which helps with the cleaning process
  • It is safe for your kitty’s respiratory health because it doesn’t create dust clouds
  • It doesn’t track, so no messy floor for you to clean
  • Its natural scent will help reduce the unpleasant smell


  • It may get stuck to your kitty’s coat
  • Your cat may not like it

Original Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter Produced By Feline Pine

Feline Pine is a brand that aims at raising awareness about issues related to cat’s well being and they constantly offer support for pet adoption and clinical research.

Feline Pine Original Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter

The Original Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter is made of pine fibers which have high absorption qualities and help with preventing that unpleasant smell of ammonia from spreading through your home.

This is a great eco-friendly choice if you are willing to try a non-clumping wood cat litter. As soon as the liquid touches the pellets they will quickly absorb the smell and disintegrate into sawdust.

The litter doesn’t contain any additives, toxic dyes, or harsh chemicals, and there won’t be any dust cloud when you pour it because there is no clay in its ingredients.

However, there is no label that states it is safe to flush it or use it as compost. So, when you clean the litter box, ensure that you throw the soiled litter in the trash.


  • It is natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly
  • It doesn’t contain any additives, artificial fragrances, or any kind of chemicals
  • It doesn’t create dust clouds when cleaning or pouring


  • It can’t be flushed or used as compost
  • It is not a litter that clumps
  • You have to clean it daily or the pellets will start to smell

Unscented All-Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter Produced By Simply Pine

Simply Pines is dedicated to their feline clients by providing chemical-free and additive-free litter that is safe for your cat’s health and you.

Simply Pine Unscented All-Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter

The Unscented All-Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter produced by Simply Pine is a great natural litter choice for your kitty and your home. The pellets are made of Northeastern White Pine and they are pure, natural, and completely free of any additives or chemicals.

It doesn’t have artificial fragrances, but its natural scent will provide superior odor control. The litter’s absorption quality is three times greater than the one of conventional clay-based litter.

Furthermore, its formula makes the litter naturally antibacterial as well as biodegradable. It doesn’t form a dust cloud and it doesn’t track.


  • It is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and naturally antibacterial which makes it safe for your feline friend
  • Its natural scents help to combat the spreading of odor
  • It doesn’t contain any additives, artificial fragrances, toxic chemicals, or clay
  • It doesn’t track and it has a low dust level


  • It is not safe to flush or to use as compost
  • Its pellets don’t clump
  • It doesn’t break down into sawdust
  • You need to clean the litter box daily to prevent smell around your home

Pine Pellets Unscented Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter Produced By Frisco

Frisco is a brand that offers a variety of products for pets including dog poop bags, cat litter, apparel for pets, toys, and much more.

Frisco Pine Pellet Unscented Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter

The pellets in this cat litter by Frisco don’t contain anything else but pine. There are no added fragrances, artificial ingredients, or chemicals. The natural pine scent stops the odor from spreading around.

Furthermore, the pine pellets are low dust and they don’t track, which is safe for your cat’s health and it is convenient for you because it will require you to spend less time cleaning around the litter box.

Keep in mind that this litter doesn’t clump, the pellets turn to sawdust, and it is not safe for flushing or compost, so when you clean it daily, throw the soiled pellets in the trash.


  • It is made 100% of pine wood without added chemicals or other toxic materials
  • It is low dust level and doesn’t track as much as clay litter
  • It has a natural pine scent that fights the urine smell and doesn’t contain artificial fragrances
  • It is safe for the health of your feline friend


  • The pellets don’t clump
  • It is not safe to be flushed or to compost
  • Your cat may not cover its poop

To sum up

After reading about wood pellet cat litter pros and cons you may feel quite excited about switching to wood pellets. Although this type of cat litter is natural, eco-friendly, and safer for your cat’s health, it has its own disadvantages. Your kitty may not accept it, especially if you don’t make the transition process as smooth as possible. And you know you can’t make a cat do anything that it doesn’t want to do. Also, the cleaning process is quite different, so it may take some time to get used to it.

However, we believe that once you and your feline friend have adapted and have chosen the best wood pellet cat litter, you won’t be going back to the conventional clay cat litter.

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