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If you are a cat owner, I’m sure you’ve looked for, and tried various cat litters. There is a wide variety of cat litter and all of them promise either that you won’t need to scoop as often, or that you won’t need to clean that much, even that you won’t notice the odor of your feline friend doing their business.

To make it even more difficult to choose, there are different types of cat litter material. Clay is one of the most common cat litter materials, then there are silica-based gel crystals, coconuts husks, corn, wood, walnut shells, and more.

One particular type and brand has been receiving a lot of attention lately, and that is the Skoon Cat Litter. According to their website, Skoon Cat Litter is eco-friendly, extremely odor absorbent and it doesn’t track.

So, we decided to give you our review on Skoon Cat Litter, and see whether it is as their promises claim to be.

Firstly, let’s find out a little bit more about the litter…

What is in the Skoon Cat Litter?

The main ingredient of the Skoon Cat Litter is actually in the name itself. The highly absorbent pebbles are made of Skoon (Afrikaans word which means “clean”) natural diatoms (single-celled algae that can be found in the soil and oceans).

While most cat litter products contain wood, corn, paper pellets, and chemicals, Skoon Cat Litter has only one special ingredient, and that’s the diatom pebbles.

If you are passionate about gardening you may be familiar with diatomaceous earth which is a blend of fossilized algae and volcanic soil.

However, to make the Skoon Cat Litter the diatomite is broken into gravelly chunks. And, after being treated with low – heat thermal process, these chunks become white, chalky pebbles with a microscopic, sponge–like structure.



How does Skoon work?

Due to the sponge–like structure, liquids are absorbed by Skoon Cat Litter by capillary force from the inside out. This way it traps and destroys the bad odor while at the same time it makes particles from urine and quickly dries up solids which are easily removed.

Is it extremely absorbent?

As we mentioned above, Skoon Cat Litter has sponge-like pebbles with pores that absorb almost three times more liquid than a clay litter.

The litter box is clean and dry at all times because the pebbles trap the liquids inside them and you don’t have to scoop it as often. Taking into consideration that Skoon Cat Litter is not from the clumping types, the only thing you will scoop is solids.

Furthermore, the scooper that Skoon offers has larger holes which help with the removal of solids and saves more pebbles. Since you are not going to waste as much litter, you can expect that one bag will last you almost a month if you use it for one cat.

So, to answer the question, yes, it is very absorbent.

The Other Cat Litters

Basic cat liiter

Skoon Cat Litter

Skoon cat litter


Dust, tracking, and more…

Cleaning up litter from your floor every time after your kitty finishes its business, is a little bit troublesome.

In relation, Skoon Cat Litter pebbles’ size is large enough so they don’t get stuck to the little paws of our feline friends. Unless your kitty likes digging and flings the litter out of the box, then you won’t have to worry about tracking and cleaning up the mess.

Furthermore, many clay-based cat litter brands create a cloud of dust when you pour them in the litter box or when the cat digs in the litter.

Skoon Cat Litter is almost dust-free because of its larger-sized pebbles. You just need to pour the litter from a lower level and slowly. If there is any dust, it settles pretty quickly and it is harmless.

If you, anyone from your family, or your kitty have respiratory issues, Skoon would be a great choice.

Moreover, if you choose the Skoon Litter Box then there won’t be any dust present.

How good is its odor control?

We all love and adore our feline friends very much, but if you don’t choose the right cat litter there can be quite an odor spreading around from the litter box, especially during warm weather.

Considering its absorbing qualities, Skoon Cat Litter is great for absorption and neutralization of odor. You will need to scoop the poo every other day and to avoid the urine getting concentrated in one place just stir the pebbles.

Although no cat litter can beat the silica-based ones when it comes to odor control, Skoon comes pretty close. And, it is made from natural, non-scented pebbles.

Skoon is not a clumping litter because the urine is absorbed in the pebbles. Therefore, it keeps the user from combining with moisture and other bacteria, thus preventing the appearance of odor.

Also, there won’t be any sticking at the bottom or on the sides of the litter box. I don’t know about you, but this was a big win for me.

Natural and eco-friendly? Yes, please

Besides all other good qualities, Skoon Cat Litter is natural and eco-friendly which is something extremely important for me.

Skoon is a 100% all-natural, organic and non-toxic product. So, if your kitty accidentally swallows a pebble or two, there is no reason for panic. It will not cause any digestive issues and it should pass through.

Moreover, Skoon Cat Litter has been tested for toxicity by a third-party lab, and the results showed that it is safe for use without any adverse reactions. This means that Skoon is hypoallergenic and it is safe for everyone at home.

Because it is 100% natural, Skoon Cat Litter is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Once you dispose of it, it will break down naturally at the landfill.

However, it is not advisable to flush it, because it may cause plumbing issues, clogging of the pipes, and health problems. The same goes for any other cat litter.

Lightweight and easy to use

Although the pebbles are bigger than clay-based litter, Skoon Cat Litter is four times lighter. And eight pounds bag is the equivalent quantity to a thirty-two pounds bag of standard cat litter.

This makes it easier to transport and lift, and the compact size of the bag makes it very convenient for storage.

The texture of the pebbles is smooth, not rough on the little paws, and they don’t make any popping sounds when the urine gets in contact with them, unlike with silica-based litter.

As we mentioned before, one bag (eight pounds) can last up to a month for one cat. You could also choose the Scoon disposable box, which contains four pounds of litter. Therefore, this disposable box will last two to three weeks.

Once you notice the pebbles change color, and the odor starts spreading, it is time to change the litter.

But, because it doesn’t clump you won’t need to scoop it as often, and you won’t waste a lot of pebbles, which means refilling won’t be done too often.

What do the users think?

As you can see Scoon has many qualities, but do the users approve of it? What do the kitties think about Scoon Cat Litter?

The pebbles have a very soft texture that will not be harsh on your feline friend’s little paws. Most cats will love Scoon because it is not scented. After all, they don’t like the artificial smell on the litter.

Furthermore, Scoon is hypoallergenic, safe, and completely natural, so it won’t cause any digestion issues if your kitty swallows the litter.

If your kitty is having trouble with getting used to a new cat litter, you can try putting two litter boxes, one with the new and one with the old litter. Don’t clean the old litter and let it be soiled. Your kitty will automatically start using the new one because it’s clean and tidy.


  • The biggest quality the Scoon Cat Litter has is its 100% organic, natural, and eco-friendly ingredient
  • It is hypoallergenic and safe
  • It is highly absorbent
  • There is no clumping
  • It is to clean, scoop and refill
  • One bag lasts for a month
  • It has amazing odor control.
  • It is almost dust-free
  • There is no tracking with Scoon
  • They offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the litter


  • Because it is made of natural and organic material, Scoon Cat Litter is a little bit pricier than other cat litter. Currently, the price for an eight pounds bag is $24.95, but there is a discount if you are buying for more than one cat.
  • The smell from the feces won’t be absorbed, so you need to clean them as soon as possible
  • The order and payment is based on a monthly subscription, but they will send you a reminder for your next order before they ship it in case you want to cancel the subscription

What do we think about Scoon Cat Litter?

Scoon Cat Litter checks all of our boxes. It has everything a cat and its owner need. However, the price is higher than a silica-based litter, so it may not bit suitable for everyone.

The only way to know if this is the right cat litter for you and your feline friend is to try it.

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