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Cat boarding is an increasingly popular option for pet owners who need to leave their furry family members in the care of a professional. Not only does it provide peace of mind that your cat is getting attention and quality care, but cats may benefit from the playtime and companionship offered by experienced boarders.

Characteristics Of Board Cats

Board cats have a strong affinity for cardboard boxes, independent personalities, and curiosity that can keep them endlessly entertained.

Love For Cardboard Boxes

Cats have loved playing with and spending time in cardboard boxes since immemorial. Moreover, it is no wonder they provide cats with a natural sense of security, exploration, and play simultaneously! The physicality of the box provides a hiding spot for felines that instinctively need places to snuggle up in.

Additionally, the rough texture of cardboard is perfect for cats’ sharp claws (and even more satisfying when compared to other materials like plastic). Not only does this promote their mental health by providing an outlet for scratching needs, but they also get loved exercise as they turn over and pounce on the box.

cardboard boxes

Cats can learn new skills from exploring boxes – determining if something inside is edible or not or which way leads into what corner – thereby further improving their cognitive development.

Independent Personality

Board cats often exhibit an independent personality that can make them remarkably self-sufficient. Cats of this type are more likely to find ways to amuse themselves and have excellent problem-solving skills; they only need a little human guidance or hand-holding. Keeping them entertained can sometimes be a challenge.

Board cats with this trait are usually happy doing things independently, from playing independently in cardboard boxes to exploring new spaces around your house. While these cats generally require little involvement from their owners, there are still some important steps for cat parents to take for their board cat’s independence to be met.

Allowing the cat plenty of space both inside and outside (when possible), as well as providing the best options for stimulation, such as games and toys, is key. Cat owners should also observe how the independent nature of their pet affects its interaction with other animals, humans or otherwise.

Playful And Curious Nature

Cats are beloved for their playful, curious personalities. They may be simply dozing off during the day only to suddenly liven up upon seeing something exciting or catching movement out of the corner of their eye.

Cats actively investigate and explore anything new in their environment, from furniture rearrangements and open drawers to feline newcomers using scent marking, playfully stalking prey, pouncing on small toys, and chinning on objects such as boxes or curtains—their inquisitive nature knows no bounds.

Cat owners can take advantage of this personality trait by providing interactive toys such as feathers tied at the end of a fishing pole or teaser wand that cats can stalk and pounce after – promoting exercise and mental stimulation, which helps prevent destructive behavior.

Benefits Of Owning A Board Cat

A board cat provides owners various benefits, including encouraging exercise and mental stimulation, deterring destructive behavior, and fostering trust and confidence.

Promotes Exercise And Mental Stimulation

Owning a bored cat is an ideal way to promote both exercise and mental stimulation in your cat. Interactive playtime activities like puzzle toys, fetch, or chasing laser pointers can provide the cats with physical activity and encourage them to move around regularly.

Mental stimulation can be achieved by providing a stimulating environment where the cats can access different levels of places, such as shelves and window sills, where they can explore, climb and observe.

Having a variety of cardboard boxes at hand for cats to hide in or jump on top of it provides them with both mental enrichment and playful opportunity to express their curiosity through exploration.

benefits of owning a board cat

Regular brushing sessions also provide great bonding time between owner and pet while stimulating the skin simultaneously. This helps improve circulation, combats hairball problems, and distributes natural oils across fur coats, improving overall coat health.

Prevents Destructive Behavior

Owning a bored cat is an excellent way to help prevent destructive behavior in cats. Cats are naturally curious and active animals that require mental and physical stimulation.

Without it, they may become bored or stressed, which can lead to behaviors such as scratching furniture, shredding fabric, or urinating outside the litter box.

Providing your board cat with plenty of stimuli can help keep them happy and engaged when left home alone. This includes offering interactive toys such as lasers, lights, or feather wands for playtime, supplying empty cardboard boxes for scratching activities, and using puzzle feeders for added mental stimulation during meals.

By providing quality enrichment like this, you can create a stimulating environment that encourages learning while also helping prevent destructive behavior resulting from boredom or anxiety.

Builds Confidence And Trust

Owning a boarding cat can bring many psychological benefits both to the owner and the cat. Providing a safe and stimulating environment filled with different cardboard boxes, interactive toys, and activities encourages cats’ natural curiosity and playfulness, leading to increased confidence in their surroundings and owners.

Cats witnessing consistent attention will feel secure that they are receiving love from their owner. Furthermore, providing plenty of opportunities for cats to explore helps build trust between them and those around them.

A cat’s willpower is nurtured through various mental activities, such as playing games together or simply interacting with one another, which helps strengthen bonds between an owner and pet.

Experiencing these positive interactions within a familiar home environment also increases self-esteem within cats; watching amusing videos has been shown to boost energy levels.

Combined with affectionate behavior like cuddling and scratching behind ears—allowing your feline friend freedom while maintaining boundaries allows them to experience feelings of contentment while exploring independently in their own space.

This creates feelings of security when faced with any situation during explorations outside or at home, giving your furry buddy fidelity toward you! Research suggests that owners who allow time for playful activities grew more attached, leading to up 33% increase in bond strength than those who engage less frequently.

cat plays

Tips For Raising A Board Cat

Provide plenty of cardboard boxes and interactive toys, give them space for independent play, train them for board play activities, and remember to check on your cat at least once daily.

Provide Plenty Of Cardboard Boxes

Owning a board cat can be an incredibly beneficial and rewarding experience, especially when the right tools and resources are in place. Cardboard boxes should be noticed when providing your cat friend with these tools and resources.

Cardboard boxes offer endless joys for cats that they do not get from any other toy or activity. Not only do cats love playing in them—sometimes even treating them as makeshift beds- but they also use them as safe spaces when feeling stressed or anxious.

Cardboard plays more than one important role for cats: scratching! By providing our furry friends with plenty of cardboard boxes, we allow them to naturally express their need to scratch without damaging furniture or carpeting around the house.

The cardboard’s texture is strong enough to meet their needs but gentle enough so that it does not cause injury if claws become too sharp during vigorous scratching sessions! Additionally, countless studies have shown that owning a pet helps reduce stress, something company owners may benefit from all too often these days – offering a boarding cat its private sanctuary inside cardboards will surely contribute significantly toward lower anxiety levels (for both parties).

Lastly, this kind of enrichment satisfies the felines’ instinctive desire to explore unfamiliar places while bringing mental stimulation, which keeps boredom at bay and prevents destructive behavior.

When shopping for cardboard boxes, consider some essential considerations such as size- depending on breed & personality, different sizes might work better-quality – try finding corrugated material carried by most packing companies–and security – make sure there are no openings for your kitty could escape through-.

Offer Interactive Toys And Activities

Cats in boarding facilities need activity and stimulation to keep them happy, healthy, and entertained. This means more than just providing their basic needs like meals and shelter.

Offering board cats interactive toys and activities can help promote physical exercise and mental stimulation and alleviate stress or boredom they may be feeling while away from home.

Providing your cat with various puzzles or treat dispensers that require problem-solving is an excellent way to keep them mentally stimulated. Additionally, offering toys that are designed for hunting helps provide physical exercise too.

For cats in boarding situations, the TRIXIE Cat Activity Fun Board is especially beneficial because it encourages both mental and physical play—the cat must use their paws to operate lever mechanisms that dispense treats when pressed down correctly.

Give Them Space For Independent Play

It is important to make sure your cat has ample space to explore while they are away from home. Providing activities such as climbing posts, hiding places, and everyday objects can make them feel secure when boarding and prevent boredom caused by lack of stimulation.

Keeping consistent with their routine will help them adjust easily, so use plush beds in familiar spots or let them take a soft toy for comfort. Giving your cats safe toys like pop-go cardboard balls containing treats encourages natural playtime behavior, keeps their minds sharp, and strengthens the bond between you both.

For anxious cats, it is advisable to build “cat condos” with labeled levels – higher places give cats more security – which can alleviate boarding stress even if there are other cats nearby.

Train Them For Board Play Activities.

Owning a boarding cat has its advantages, and when it comes to playtime, training your feline friend can unleash their full potential. Board cats are natural explorers, loving the thrill of cardboard boxes and using them for hide-and-seek games and tiny naps—so why not capitalize on these traits? When training a boarding cat for activities related to its love for cardboard boxes, remember that it takes patience, consistency, and rewards (cat treats!).

One popular way to train your kitty is through clicker/target training; research different ways how this can be applied so you can make it enjoyable for both your pet and yourself.

Start with simple commands like “Come” or “Touch,” with cats responding particularly well to positive reinforcement by rewarding treats or pets.

Giving your furry pal regular playtime sessions facilitates one important aspect: exercise & physical stimulation.


Owning a board cat is a unique experience that can provide many benefits for both you and your furry friend. Professional boarding facilities offer your cat individual attention, care, and access to modern air filtration systems to keep them safe and healthy while you are away.

Plus, it provides plenty of exercise opportunities through play activities like chasing feather toys or scrambling after other cats in separate rooms. This encourages physical activity and mental stimulation, which helps prevent destructive behavior around the home.

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