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Dogs want and need to be physically active. It isn’t good for their overall health and wellbeing to be cooped up indoors or to be on a leash all the time. But, it is also not very easy to keep an eye on them if you let them roam free. You’ll either end up running after them, and that’s if you can keep up, or you’ll lose them. They could even run into a driving car if you are near a high traffic area.

So, you wonder, if your pup has to be physically active and at the same time has to be safe, what can you do about it?

You need to choose the best wireless dog fence for you and your furry friend. It sounds easy, but it becomes a little bit confusing when you see how many brands there are out there on the market.

That’s why we are here. To save you some time, we’ve done the research for you, and we’ve put together the best wireless dog fence list.

Whether you are new at taking care of a pet and you want to know how to prepare for owning a dog, or you have had your pup for a while now, this article will help you with finding the best wireless dog fence to keep your canine friend safe.

In the content below you can find out which factors you need to consider, and we will explain how wireless fences work as well.

Read until the end to find out which wireless dog fence is our winner and why.

Best Wireless Dog Fence Checklist

Before we move on to the main aspects, let’s take a look at some of the major topics regarding the usage of wireless dog fences, how they work, and if they are safe for your pup.

What exactly is a wireless dog fence?

A wireless dog fence, or invisible dog fence, is a system that assists you in keeping your dog within your property. You decide on the parameters, and it leaves your canine friend to run around freely without the risk of getting hit by a vehicle.

This system contains a transmitter, a collar, and flags to mark the boundary line.

How do wireless dog fences work?

The containment area that the transmitter covers is a circular one. The transmitter sends a constant signal to the receiver, so when your furry friend comes near the perimeter the collar will emit a warning sound because the signal is lost.

The sound may deter your canine friend. If it doesn’t, it will make a mild buzz against your pup’s skin to prevent your pup from going too far.

Is the wireless dog fence safe for your furry friend?

You may think that the mild buzz against your doggie’s skin is going to hurt your friend. But, the feeling your dog will have is nothing more than like the feeling when you are splashed in the face with water.

It’s not going to hurt them or cause an injury, because the level of the shock is not that high.

You can also adjust the level according to your pup’s needs If you are very concerned about your dog being hurt you could hold the collar while you go over the perimeter, and feel it yourself.

Most of the systems will come with instructions and a number to call, so if you have any doubts you could always contact the manufacturer.

Use the collar separate from the leash. If you use them together the dog may get confused and think when it has the collar on it is time for a walk. Furthermore, even the best collar may not withstand your pup pulling on the leash.

Factors checklist to consider before choosing your best wireless dog fence

The wireless dog fence you are going to choose needs to have certain characteristics to satisfy your and your pup’s needs.

Take a look at your furry friend (or friends)

The most important thing to consider is your pup’s size and age. After all, the system needs to be tailored according to your dog’s needs.

Bigger doggies are usually comfortable with the default level of the collar. You won’t need to make any adjustments. However, if your canine friend is smaller in size then it will need a lower level of correction of the collar.

Another consideration to have in mind is your furry friend’s age. If your pup is younger than six months, you may need to wait a little bit before introducing it to the wireless fence system. By this age, the doggie should’ve learned the basic commands like “sit” and “stay”. Therefore, it should be easier to start training it for the wireless fence system.

Although, before deciding on the best wireless fence for you, we strongly recommend consulting with your vet.

You would need to consider getting a wireless dog fence system for multiple doggies if you have more than one furry friend. These systems frequently offer more than one collars. Although, some of the wireless dog fence sellers might allow buying more than one collar with their system.

What size is your property?

Your best wireless dog fence system will depend on the size and type of your property. The radio signal of the system should travel straight from the transmitter to the receiver without any interference. In relation, the wireless dog fence will work best in open spaces.

What kind of backyard do you have? Is it a traditional rectangular or is it an irregular shape? A full wireless dog fence system is perfect for a medium-sized open space with a rectangular shape.

On the other hand, a semi-wireless system might be a better solution if your property is bigger and is irregularly shaped. In this way, you can customize the layout of the area you want to contain.

How much freedom do you want your pup to have?

Take a look at the coverage area of the dog fence transmitter and think about the perimeter size you want to set up for your doggie. You need to ensure that the system meets your requirements.

With the wireless system, you have only the transmitter to rely on, so the area you want to contain is of utmost importance. Some transmitters cover only half an acre, but others can cover even up to twenty-five acres.

You’ll need to check the type of the transmitter, how much square footage it can cover, and if the signal can pass through obstacles.

Try placing the transmitter somewhere without any mental obstacles. This may shorten the radius of the area you want to cover, so if you want to contain a broader area, look for a stronger transmitter.

The barrier you will set for the transmitter to emit will create an invisible circular fence. For example, if you set a range of thousand feet, your pup will have an invisible circle of two thousand feet in diameter to play within its boundaries. The transmitter will be in the center of this circle.

Before you choose your best wireless dog fence, measure the area you want to be covered, to ensure you include all safe zones. If a transmitter doesn’t cover an area of your property, you may want to think about a system with a larger range.

Furthermore, take into consideration areas on your property to which you don’t want your pup to have access. Like your garden, for example.

In this case, maybe a semi-wireless system will be a better option. You could set up the in-ground wire in a way that will prevent your doggie from going that way.

How difficult is it to install a wireless dog fence?

Now, before getting your new fence system, you’d want to know what it takes to install it. It can be quite an interesting DIY project, but an easy one.

“Design” the invisible circle

The most practical thing to do is to draw on a piece of paper the area you want to cover. Then consider if there are any metal objects (if it is a completely wireless system), electric wires, antenna dishes or wires (if it is a semi-wireless system), anything that can interfere with the signal, and avoid placing the transmitter or the wire within their range.

Find a place for the transmitter

This is the tricky part. Place it next to an outer wall, but ensure there aren’t any obstacles between the wall and the yard. It should be three to five feet off the ground.

Once you find a place for the transmitter, you can activate the collar and set the radius of the area you want to contain.

Then it’s time for the marker flags. Approach the border and when you hear the collar beep, place a marker flag in front of your feet. Keep placing the flags around the perimeter, and keep a distance of seven to ten feet between each flag.

It’s simple, isn’t it? A completely wireless dog fence is easy to install. On the other hand, a semi-wireless dog fence might take a little bit longer since you will need to dig a trench to place the wire.

Training time

You’ve picked your wireless dog fence, you’ve set it up, and now it’s time to introduce your pup to the system. Take your time training your dog once you have the system up and running. Otherwise, having the fence won’t do you any good without your doggie being familiar with it.

It may take you a few days, even weeks, to teach your pup, but it will be worth it.

Firstly, start with walking your dog on a leash along the barrier marked with the flags. Your doggie will get familiar with the flags after several rounds. But, keep the system turned off during the first walks.

Activate the system and then continue walking your dog with the leash along the boundary. You’ll need to do this for about a week.

Furthermore, advance the training of your dog by using a retractable leash. Measure the maximum length of the leash, attach it to your pup and then secure the leash at a point where even if the maximum length is used it won’t go over the barrier. Then let your pup run around and explore while it is on the retractable leash.

Train your furry friend this way for another week.

The next level in the training would be lengthening the leash so that the doggie steps beyond the edge of the invisible fence and activates the beep. Let it stay for about two seconds there and then signal it to go back. Once it retreats, give your canine friend a treat. In this manner, your pup will start connecting retreating with something positive.

If your doggie doesn’t listen to your signal do go back then it will receive a correction from the system, which will depend on the way you set it up. If this happens, try walking your pup along the border, even beyond it, and make sure it stays there to learn to recognize the warning.

Also, to keep stimulating your dog’s learning, after a few sessions, start removing the flag markers. This will help your pup to “memorize” the boundaries.

Now, in the text below, we’ll go through our top five favorites for the best wireless dog fence. We included two fully wireless, one hybrid system, and two options for receiver collars. We’ll go through their pros and cons, and at the end, we will reveal our winner.

Top Five Favorites – The Best Wireless Dog Fence

The first thing you’ll notice is that all our picks are from PetSafe. And that is with a reason. PetSafe is the largest manufacturer of electronic pet training products in the United States and it has been around since 1991. Their products give us, the dog owners, the best experience with our furry friends. They offer a variety of pet training items and they have satisfied customers from 52 countries. It is definitely a winning brand when it comes to dog fences, and their products are being upgraded constantly.

PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence

The PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence looks good, it is small, shiny and it has amazing features. Its transmitter is portable, and it doesn’t have wires, which means it doesn’t need a lot of time to install. Just the way we like it!

The only thing you need to do is to set up the transmitter, and the radio frequency will keep your doggie safe within the boundaries you set. It won’t take you more than a couple of hours to set up everything.

It is lightweight, so if you want to go camping you can take it with you and have your pup within a safe distance.

best wireless dog fence

The receiver collar is waterproof and can be charged in two to three hours, but it lasts for three weeks. It offers a tone-only mode for training and it has five levels of static correction.

The circular adjustable boundary can cover up to 3/4 of an acre and the pet zone is with a radius of 105 feet. In addition, you can combine it with multiple wireless pet fence transmitters to create a bigger playground for your furry companion.

Do you have more than one dog? It is not a problem! The system can be configured for additional five pet collars, which you will need to buy separately.

The PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence is suitable for doggies who weigh five pounds and above.


  • It is completely wireless. You don’t need to dig trenches and bury any wires
  • It has a sound-only mode for training your pup
  • One of the main features is its five levels of static correction
  • The receiver collar is waterproof
  • The system is portable, so you can take it on a vacation or camping
  • It can be combined with multiple transmitters to create a bigger playground
  • It is easy and quick to set up and install


  • It doesn’t work well with a sloped yard
  • It isn’t recommended for an aggressive dog

PetSafe Wireless Instant Fence Pet Containment System

The PetSafe Wireless Pet Instant Fence Pet Containment System is a basic, but effective, alternative to a traditional outdoor fence. The system uses radio frequency to keep your doggie safe, instead of bulky lumber and fence posts.

Furthermore, if you are traveling you can take the whole set with you because it is portable. If your pup is over eight pounds, with the Wireless Pet Containment System you can keep it safe within an area of your choosing. The PetSafe Wireless Instant Fence Pet Containment System is great for larger breeds

best wireless dog fence

The system is very easy to use. You just need to plug in the transmitter and a constant radio signal will emit from a range of up to 180 feet in diameter, which you can adjust. It will help you contain your canine companion within a circular area.

Because the whole system is completely wireless, it will take you less than a couple of hours to set it up. You won’t be required to bury any wires or stakes.

It offers five adjustable levels of static correction with an option to choose tone-only mode training for your pup.

If your dog goes over the contained area, it will receive a harmless but effective correction. There is an automatic shut-off, so the correction will stop after thirty seconds.

PetSafe Wireless Instant Fence Pet Containment System can add more receiver collars if you have more than one doggie.

The receiver collar has a low battery indicator. This will let you know when you need to get new batteries.


  • It is a system without wires. You won’t need to dig any trenches
  • It has an adjustable receiver collar with five levels of static correction
  • The system is portable, so you can take it with you when you are traveling
  • It requires less than two hours to set it up
  • It has an option for sound-only correction
  • The receiver collar is waterproof


  • It is good only for small yards
  • The signal can be inconsistent, so you may need to resynchronize it
  • It’s not suitable for sloped property

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence System

The PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence System is the semi-wireless option we mentioned above. It includes a transmitter and a collar which are wireless, and a wire that will need to be buried. This system will provide safety and security for your pup.

The installation should take you just one weekend. Prepare the transmitter, bury the wires in the trenches you’ll dig ahead, and set up the flag markers to start training your doggie. With the additional wire, the invisible fence will provide a playground up to five acres.

best wireless dog fence

The receiver collar is suitable for larger breeds, dogs that weigh eight pounds and above. Additional feature of the collar is that it is waterproof.

Furthermore, this system offers four adjustable levels of static correction and an option for tone-only mode training.

One precaution you need to take is to ensure you don’t leave your pet with the collar on for more than twelve hours.

And, yes, you can connect more receiver collars if you have more doggies. Isn’t it fantastic?


  • Even though it has a wire to set up, it is in-ground, so it doesn’t spoil the appearance of your yard
  • It has a wide coverage area with the additional wire
  • The receiver collar is waterproof
  • It can be used for more than one doggie
  • It has four levels of static correction
  • It offers an option of sound-only correction
  • It has electrical surge protection


  • It takes a little bit longer to set up
  • You will need to dig a little to bury the wire
  • Suitable only for bigger breeds
  • You may need to reset the transmitter frequently

PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver Collar

The PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver Collar is a great choice if you have more than one furry friend or you want a replacement. This receiver collar is compatible with the Wireless Fence Containment System and the Stay & Play Wireless Fence.

Furthermore, it offers five levels of adjustable static correction as well as a tone-only option.

best wireless dog fence

The battery for the receiver collar is included, and the collar also has a low battery indicator.

In addition, if you take your pup somewhere on vacation and it goes in the water, don’t worry. The collar is waterproof and it is submersible up to five feet.

The collar is perfect for larger breeds of dogs of eight pounds and above.


  • It offers five levels of static correction
  • It has a sound-only option for correction
  • It is waterproof
  • Battery is included
  • It is compatible with two PetSafe wireless systems


  • It is suitable only for larger breeds
  • It can get unlocked
  • It isn’t rechargeable

PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence Receiver Collar

This receiver collar can be added to the Stay & Play Wireless Fence system if you have additional doggies, or you just need one to replace. Besides the Stay & Play Wireless Fence system, it is compatible with the original Wireless Containment system as well.

The PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence Receiver Collar is a new and upgraded version that comes with a charger.

best wireless dog fence

It is more comfortable and ergonomically designed. This receiver collar is smaller and lighter.

It can be recharged in two to three hours and it also has LED lights which will let you know when it needs to be recharged again.

You can choose from five adjustable levels of correction, or if you prefer a tone-only mode that will alert your pup with a beep.

If your furry friend is five pounds or more, then this is the perfect collar for it.


  • It is suitable for smaller dog breeds as well
  • It is waterproof
  • The receiver collar is rechargeable and it comes with a charger
  • It is ergonomically designed
  • It offers a choice of five adjustable levels of static correction or a tone-only correction


  • It is compatible only with one additional system

And the champion is…

Before the grand reveal, we would like to point to one precaution you need to take and that is to not leave the receiver collar on for more than twelve hours, no matter which wireless dog fence you choose.

Furthermore, ensure your pup receives proper training because this type of fence is meant to give your furry friend some freedom. Avoid punishing your pup, and be patient.

This type of fencing is becoming more and more popular because it is easier to install, it is more cost-effective and it is more beneficial for the doggies.

With that in mind, our champion of the champions for the best wireless dog fence is the PetSafe Stay & Play system. We chose this one because it is fully wireless, it takes short time to install, it is portable and the receiver collar is rechargeable. In addition, it is suitable for smaller dog breeds as well.

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