Sleeping Beauties: Why Do Chihuahuas Sleep So Much?

Got yourself a Chihuahua? They sure do sleep a lot! Why is that so?

This article will solve the mystery. Learn about their sleeping habits and how to keep them in tip-top shape. Discover the secrets of the pup’s snoozes!

Chihuahuas as a breed and their common traits

Chihuahuas are the tiniest of dogs. Fully grown, they usually weigh between 6-8 pounds. Despite their size, they boast prominent personalities and intelligence. They’re also renowned for their frequent naps!

Chihuahuas are loyal, intelligent, and vigilant. They’ll bark at strange, unfamiliar noises. And, even though small, they are brave, protecting their family from danger if need be.

Chihuahuas sleep 12-14 hours per day. They like to cuddle up tight and secure, just like we humans do. They experience two periods of REM sleep daily, one at night and one in the morning.

Chihuahuas mature faster than other breeds. So, they enter adulthood quicker and require less sleep (less than 12 hours) as they age. But, regardless of age or size, they stay active, thanks to all those naps!

chihuahuas as a breed

How dogs, like humans, need sleep to function properly and stay healthy

Dogs need sleep, just like us. Depending on breed and age, they usually require 12-18 hours of daily rest. Puppies and small breeds like Chihuahuas need more sleep than adult dogs.

Sleep is essential for a dog’s life. It helps them store memories, stay healthy, and repair their body. It also improves their cognitive processes and behavior.

Chihuahuas, like other breeds, may take frequent naps during the day. But if their sleeping schedule becomes irregular, it may be a cause for concern. Owners must investigate potential causes, such as pain or disease, in order to help their pet get back on track.

Also, some animals prefer extra sleep instead of daily activities. In any case, ensuring your pup gets enough quality rest is important for their well-being, no matter how many hours they sleep daily!

Different dog breeds have different sleep needs

Dog owners know: their pets sleeping needs vary. Different breeds have different amounts of sleep they need. For example, Chihuahuas need more shut-eye than Retrievers.

On average, dogs need 12-14 hours of sleep daily. But small and toy breeds may need up to 18 hours, while larger breeds require 10-12 hours. Puppies need more rest than adult ones. Exercise can also result in more sleep.

Chihuahuas are known for sleeping more than other breeds

Chihuahuas sleep more than other breeds of dogs. But why? It’s essential to understand their behavior. Chihuahuas have prominent personalities and need lots of love and attention. Otherwise, they can become anxious. This can lead to long naps to compensate for the lack of stimulation.

They can also be more active during certain parts of the day. Plus, some forms of this breed have been bred for maximum affection and playtime, which can tire them out quickly. That’s why they need more rest.

Finally, their body temperature is lower than larger breeds. Smaller bodies store less energy, so chihuahuas need more sleep to conserve energy. But with daily exercise, proper socialization, and mental stimulation, they can keep their energy levels at their peak!

possible reasons

Possible reasons why Chihuahuas sleep so much

There are several reasons why Chihuahuas sleep a lot:

  • It helps them stay energized. During sleep, hormones help with muscle and tissue growth, cognitive functioning, and healing injuries.
  • Chihuahuas are small, so they burn more energy than larger dogs. Extra sleep helps conserve their energy.
  • Chihuahuas will nap if their environment is suitable for rest. If they feel secure, they will take longer naps. Boredom or depression from lack of activity or attention can also lead to more naps.


Studies show that as dog’s age, they sleep more. Chihuahuas are no exception. Showing respect to your Chihuahua’s age helps them get the rest they need.

  • Puppies and young dogs need 16 to 18 hours of sleep.
  • For adult Chihuahuas (1-4 years old), this decreases to 12 to 15 hours. It could be a bit longer for active breeds.
  • Once a Chihuahua is elderly (10+ years), they require 14+ hours of sleep and more frequent naps.

High Physical Activity

Even though they look small, they have energy needs based on their environment, genes, and food. They also give off more body heat than larger breeds. So, they need regular naps of 8-10 hours daily to stay calm and have enough energy for their activities.

By understanding their age and needs, you can help your furry friend follow their natural sleep patterns comfortably.


Boredom may contribute to Chihuahuas’ longer sleep periods. These tiny pups are ideal for city-dwellers with busy lives. You might not always have time to play with them. So, give them stimulation during the day.

Offer interactive toys like puzzles and treat-filled toys. Challenge them with food puzzles and brain games. Exercise them indoors. Play music and aromatherapy candles to soothe and calm them. That way, they can nap peacefully at night.

The wrong diet

Chihuahuas need a balanced and nutritious diet, just like any other breed. A poor diet can lead to lethargy. People sometimes feed their Chihuahuas scraps or too many treats without looking at the quality or quantity. Fruits and veg should make up an important part of the diet.

Exercise helps create energy and should equal food and rest time to prevent fatigue or tiredness.


Chihuahuas can suffer from specific diseases that make them overly sleepy. Common ones include Hypothyroidism, Liver Shunts, Diabetes, and Heart Disease.

  • Hypothyroidism means the thyroid glands don’t make enough hormones, leading to infections and slow metabolism.
  • Liver Shunts divert blood away from the liver due to a problem with the bile ducts. This causes fatigue, depression, and tiredness – all of which may lead to more sleep.
  • Diabetes causes an imbalance in blood glucose levels, which leads to fatigue, drowsiness, and changes in appetite.
  • Heart Disease stops oxygen and nutrients from getting to the organs, making them less active and more sleepy.

Physical Illness

Chihuahuas, being small, can have health problems that make them sleepy. Dental issues like gingivitis or periodontal disease can make eating difficult. This lowers energy levels and results in more sleep. Obesity is common and might lead to excessive sleep. Low thyroid function also makes them tired and sleepy.

Mental health must be taken into account too. Stressful situations like being away from their owners, or too much noise, can mean they need some rest.


Is your Chihuahua sleeping too much? Certain meds, such as anti-anxiety drugs or muscle relaxants, could be the culprit. Take your pup to the vet and get some tests done. Blood tests, urine samples, and other diagnostics might be needed to rule out any health issues.

Diet, exercise, stress, and playtime could also be factors. Your vet can help you make changes to get your pup’s sleep patterns back to normal:

  • Review the pup’s diet
  • Increase exercise and playtime
  • Reduce stress

Ways to ensure that Chihuahuas get good sleep

To give your Chihuahua the best sleep, create a quiet sleep area.

Provide a comfortable sleeping spot with ventilation. Pet beds are great, or enclosed spaces like under tables or chairs. Calming aromatherapy oils and the right room temperature can help promote relaxation.

When your pup has trouble sleeping, resist the urge to scold them. Offer plenty of love and cuddles instead. That’ll make for a happy companion who loves its sleep! They like having a thick blanket or cushion to feel safe and warm.

Having their own space makes Chihuahuas feel secure and calm. They should have easy access to their bed while still feeling safe. As they don’t generate enough heat, regulating the environmental temperature may be needed for them to stay warm during sleep.

chihuahuas get good sleep


Analyzing the evidence, Chihuahuas sleep more than other dog breeds. They need warmth and love, so snuggling up to their owners helps them rest. Chihuahuas take power naps and love to nap alone in a safe, cozy place.

Remember, all dogs have different sleep needs. As an owner, adjust your Chihuahua’s schedule based on their lifestyle and personality. Know their habits and make sure your pup gets enough sleep – it’ll keep them happy, healthy, and energetic!

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