Which Types Of Rabbit Pets Are Best To Care For?

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Did you know that the American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes fifty different rabbit breeds? Yes, all of them differ in color, size, fur color, coat texture, and temperament. Although they are all cute and snuggly, some types of rabbit pets are more compatible with new owners while others are better with people who have taken care of rabbits before.

Choosing an adorable furry ball of cuteness as a pet may seem a little bit overwhelming considering the information above, but that is where our article comes to the rescue.

If you want to know which types of rabbit pets are easier to care for, which are most child friendly, and what are the benefits of having a rabbit as a pet, continue reading the content below.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Having a Rabbit?

Having a rabbit pet can be a fun and fulfilling experience. However, if meeting their needs doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, taking care of them can be quite a challenge.

Having a rabbit pet can be a fun and fulfilling experience.

Pros of Having a Pet Rabbit

  • Certain types of rabbit pets are child friendly, and taking into consideration that rabbits are social animals, they will require attention and care. So having a pet rabbit is a good way to teach your children responsibility.
  • Although they may not learn tricks as fast and as good as dogs, bunnies are highly intelligent creatures and with a little bit of patience, you can teach them to follow orders and perform some tricks.
  • Unlike hamsters, rabbits live longer and their average lifespan is between ten to twelve years.
  • There are a lot of types of rabbit pets and each of them with its unique qualities and needs. This is a positive thing because you can choose the one that suits your character and your lifestyle.

Cons of Having a Pet Rabbit

  • Its ability to hop around is fun if we are playing hide and seek with our bunny. Although their speed is crucial to their survival in the wild since they are prey animals, this means that they can escape easily if we aren’t vigilant.
  • You will need to clean up after your bunny, very often. They leave a lot of mess from the pellets, and they can chew anything. Also, their habitat can become stinky quickly because their feces accumulate fast, although you may think that their bedding is clean.
  • The weather can have an effect on your rabbit and it may not be so friendly if it feels uncomfortable. If you tend to keep your bunny outside, drastic weather changes bring it inside your home.
  • Rabbits enjoy roaming around and bonding with people. If they don’t get their social time, they may become aggressive. Bunnies need your attention and freedom of movement.

What Is the Easiest Rabbit Breed to Care for?

As we mentioned above, there are around fifty different rabbit breeds with unique needs and characteristics. Although your choice will depend on your preferences and character traits, there are a few common breeds that are a little bit easier to care for, and we will cover some of them in the content below.

Holland Lop is a rabbit breed that is easy to handle, and you can spend quality active time with them. They are energetic, friendly, and easy to bond with, but they don’t like to be picked up, so it may not be the best option if you are looking for a pet rabbit to hold in your hands. Their average lifespan is between seven and fourteen years and in terms of size, they weigh around two to four pounds.

Holland Lop rabbit

Mini Rexes are a small rabbit breed that is calm, friendly, and enjoys human interaction. They come in different colors and patterns, and their lifespan is around five to eight years. Litter training them will be less difficult than other breeds since they are smart little balls of fur. You will need space and time to play with this little ball of fur, and although they don’t like to be held much, they enjoy cuddling and scratching.

Mini Rexes rabbit

What Types of Rabbit Pets Are Most Child friendly?

Harlequin Rabbits are interesting creatures with exceptional patterns, colors, and character. They are easy to train, and they are very energetic. Although they are mid-sized they enjoy playing with children, and they love to be cuddled and scratched. The average lifespan of a Harlequin Rabbit is from five to eight years.

Harlequin Rabbits

Lionheads are a smaller rabbit breed, they love to play, and they can live between seven to ten years. These cuties tolerate being held and are very people-friendly. But, their fluffy mane needs maintaining, so if you are not up for regular grooming, consider getting another breed. They need to be groomed constantly to avoid tangling and mats.


The Standard Chinchilla Rabbit has a calm, sweet and approachable personality. They are easy to care for and it would be nice to have a space for them to lounge. Furthermore, as you get to know this fur ball you may discover that they don’t enjoy being picked up. That is completely okay because there are many other ways to bond with it, just give it enough space to roam around when it needs to.

Chinchilla Rabbit

Himalayan Rabbits are calm, patient and they enjoy being in the presence of their favorite humans. Although they are not as energetic as other breeds, bonding time is their favorite time, and they don’t mind being picked up and held. Himalayan Rabbits live between five to eight years and weigh around three to five pounds.

Himalayan Rabbits

What Types of Rabbit Pets Get Along With Other Animals?

No matter the type of rabbit pet you have, it will get along best with another rabbit. Having another rabbit as a companion would benefit its mental and physical health. But, if you have a pair of rabbit pets and you are thinking about getting an animal from a different species, introduce them gradually.

Furthermore, consider the breed of the other animal and the rabbits. It is best that you choose breeds that are non-aggressive and have calm character.

If you are thinking about getting a dog or a cat, they should get along just fine if they have gentle character. However, the introduction should go slowly, and always be present when they are together, especially in the beginning. Ensure that you create a safe and welcoming environment when they meet for the first time. Rabbits can get frightened if the other pet gets overly excited.

Bunnies may find a great friend in a guinea pig. However, there are different types of guinea pigs as well, and some may get along well with rabbits, while others may not. If your bunny is very active and enjoys running after the guinea pig, this may not be so enjoyable for the rodent.

How Expensive Is It to Take Care of a Bunny?

If you have been thinking about getting a rabbit for a pet, you may want to consider all items you will need to provide a comfortable living space and an active lifestyle for the little one. And those things can be expensive.

Pet Store, Breeder, or a Rescue

If you are not adopting a rabbit and you are looking into getting a rabbit from a breeder or a pet store, except that it will cost you somewhere between twenty to a hundred dollars.

Rabbit Habitat

Furthermore, the price of the cage will depend on the type (indoor or outdoor) and the material of the habitat. Indoor cages can start at fifty dollars, depending on their size, but if you are getting a smaller one, you need to rabbit-proof the room you are planning to keep it in. A sturdy hutch can go up to two hundred dollars unless you are planning to make one on your own.

Toys and Other Supplies for the Bunny

Even if you get a rabbit that has a mild temperament, it still needs to stretch its legs from time to time. So, getting chew toys and other items that it can play with is something that is crucial for its physical health. Moreover, its living area needs bedding, pellets, and hay, as well as fresh veggies and treats to enjoy and indulge in.

Some of these items will need replacement as they can get damaged, so consider that as well when calculating the expenses.

Healthcare and Vet Visits

Spaying or neutering, dental care, regular check-ups – all of this can cost between a hundred to two hundred dollars at least. There may be some health issues along the way, and the cost of treatment may depend on the veterinarian as well.

In conclusion

All types of rabbit pets have their unique needs and characteristics. Find out what you want, and shower your bunny with the love and care that it deserves. It will pay you back with countless unforgettable moments.

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