9 Cat Eye Colors And Their Rarity [VIDEO]

cat eye colors and their rarity

Cat eye color is a unique and fascinating feature of our furry friends, ranging from brilliantly emerald green to soft yellow gold. The final eye color of your feline companion can tell us something about their genetic makeup, age, and health conditions. Additionally, cats do not always have the same colored eyes throughout their lives; … Read more

How Big Will Your Maine Coon Cat Get? (Maine Coon Size Chart)

maine coon size chart

For many cat lovers, the Maine Coon is the feline of their dreams. This gentle giant is known as the largest domestic cat breed and has a friendly disposition, making it a popular pet among families and cat enthusiasts. Understanding Maine Coon Size Males and females have average weights between 10-18 pounds, with males being … Read more

Can I Feed My Cat Chicken Every Day? – 3 Benefits

can i feed my cat chicken everyday

Can I feed my cat chicken everyday? As true carnivores, cats indeed require animal protein in their diet for optimal health. This article will guide you through what you need to know about the pros, cons, and precautions when feeding your pet chicken regularly. Read on and debunk some myths while clarifying facts about cats and chickens! Key Takeaways Understanding Cats’ Dietary Needs … Read more

Why Do Mother Cats Attack Their Older Kittens? [Video]

why do mother cats attack their older kittens

Are you perplexed as to why your mother cat is attacking her older kittens? It’s an intriguing aspect of feline behavior that leaves many pet owners puzzled. This article will shed light on the reasons behind this seemingly bizarre action, ranging from territorial issues to maternal instincts. Let’s dive into the world of cats and uncover the mystery … Read more

Can Cats Eat Tortilla Chips? [6 Toxic Ingredients]

can cats eat tortilla chips

If you’re a cat parent, you’ve probably wondered if can cats eat tortilla chips. While these chips are tasty treats for us humans, they could potentially harm our furry friends due to their high salt and fat content. This blog post will help educate pet owners about the possible risks and health effects of feeding cats tortilla chips, … Read more

Can A Dog Get A Cat Pregnant? The Truth About Cat-Dog Hybrid

can a dog get a cat pregnant

Can a dog get a cat pregnant? Truth is NO, despite the flurry of entertaining and somewhat mind-boggling folklore stories, these two species are biologically incompatible. This blog dives into the intriguing world of cross-species mating, shedding light on why dogs and cats can’t really create hybrid offspring. Ready to debunk myths and learn fascinating facts about your furry companions’ reproductive mechanisms? Let’s … Read more

Why Is My Cat Not Eating Food But Eats Treats?

why is my cat not eating food but eats treats

If you’ve noticed your cat is not eating food but eats treats, you’re not alone. This seemingly odd behavior can be attributed to several factors ranging from a change in environment to underlying health problems. In this blog post, we’ll explore the common reasons why cats may shirk their usual food but readily devour treats and provide strategies for getting them back on … Read more

Cat Losing Hair Around Eyes – Potential Causes

cat losing hair around eye

Are you worried about your beloved cat losing hair around eyes? This is a common concern among cat owners. Our comprehensive guide will delve into the causes of this issue and symptoms to watch for and provide effective treatment strategies. Read on as we navigate through this hairy predicament together! Key Takeaways Recognizing Hair Loss in Cats Cats can … Read more

Why Is My Cat Sleep Face Down? – Should I Be Worried?

cat sleep face down

Ever caught your feline friend napping with their face snugly pressed down against the pillow? Interestingly, this seemingly odd behavior is perfectly normal, and forms part of a cat’s numerous sleeping positions. In this enlightening piece, we’ll dive into understanding why cats sleep face down while also shedding light on other fascinating kitty sleep routines. Stick around as … Read more

My Cat Keeps Meowing And Rubbing Against Everything

my cat keeps meowing and rubbing against everything

If you’re a cat owner, you’ve likely witnessed your cat keeps meowing loudly and rubbing against everything in sight. This is due to the chemical signals called pheromones that cats use to communicate. In this article, we’ll delve deep into understanding these unique behaviors and explore the various reasons behind them – from seeking attention, being in the heat, … Read more

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