Miniature Rottweiler – The Best Complete Guide You Can Learn From

When it comes to big dogs, one of the most popular dog breeds is the Rottweiler. However, if you don’t have a lot of space and prefer pups that are smaller, but you also like a Rottweiler’s appearance, you may want to get a mini-version of a Rottie.

Miniature Rottweiler has the personality and looks of a Rottweiler, but a smaller, fun size. But, do you know what exactly a miniature Rottweiler is? Do you want to know how to prepare for taking care of a mini Rott? And, if you have other pets, will the mini Rottweiler get along with them?

Our article will provide you with the answers to these questions and share some extra information about these beautiful and loving pups.

Miniature Rottweiler, Does It Exist?

As with the mini Goldendoodle, and many other miniature dog breeds, the Rottweiler has its mini version too. But, what is a miniature Rottweiler, and what does it look like? Our content below reveals the answer to this question and some others.

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What Is a Miniature Rottweiler?

A mini Rottie is a perfect companion for those who like the Rottweiler dog breed, but they don’t have the space and time to take care properly of an adult normal-size Rottie.

These smaller versions of the Rottweiler are usually Rotties with dwarfism, mixed breed Rotties or naturally smaller Rottweilers.

Rottweiler With Dwarfism

Rotties that have dwarfism have shorter limbs, which will give them the miniature look. However, this is a medical condition that is caused by a gene that Rottweilers usually don’t carry, but there have been cases where Rotties have been born with achondroplasia (dwarfism).

Dogs with dwarfism may have certain health problems related to this condition. Spinal issues, pain caused by skeletal disorders, and problems with the eyes, are just a few challenges that a pup with dwarfism can face.

Smaller Size Rottweiler

If a Rottie is born unnaturally smaller in size than its siblings, it may be a runt. And, some breeders tend to breed runts for several generations to sell them as pure-bred miniature Rottweilers. These little balls of love can come with serious health problems that last throughout their lives. So, consider this when buying a miniature Rottweiler.

When choosing a miniature Rott, ensure that it is from responsible breeders that care about the health and fitness of the dog.

Mixed Breed Rottweiler

Since a Rottweiler with dwarfism or unnaturally smaller Rottie may come with certain health issues, some dog experts recommend choosing a mixed breed Rottie as a healthier alternative. These mini versions are a cross breed from a normal-sized Rottweiler and another small breed dog like the Chihuahua or Poodles.

These miniature Rottweilers will face fewer health challenges provided that both of their parents are healthy and fit.

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How Does a Mini Rottweiler Look Like?

The appearance of a mini Rott will greatly depend on whether it is a purebred or a cross breed.

Basically, a purebred miniature Rottweiler will have the same physical characteristics as a normal-sized Rottweiler, but in a mini version. So, they will be smaller in size, around twelve to fifteen inches tall for an adult dog, and they would weigh from about fifteen to thirty pounds.

The naturally floppy ears and the characteristic black fur with tan markings are features that mini Rotties will inherit if both of their parents are Rottweilers. It is not common to clip the ears of a mini Rottweiler as it is often done with standard–sized Rotties.

In relation, if a miniature Rottweiler has one parent from a smaller breed and the other is a standard-sized Rottie, the puppy will have characteristics from both of its parents. Depending on the smaller breed, its coat may be shorter or fluffier.

Furthermore, when it comes to the size and weight of a mixed breed Rottie, it can’t be predicted and guaranteed because the characteristics of one breed can be more dominant than the other.

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What About the Character of a Miniature Rottie?

The temperament of a mini Rottweiler will be similar to a standard-sized Rottweiler, but it may not be the most popular as a small guard dog. While it shares the physical strength and fitness of its Rottie parents, due to its smaller size it may be more energetic and require more activity. This means it will need a lot of attention, and it sure does enjoy it!

Standard Rottweilers are often known as dangerous and not very affectionate, but their mini versions can be cuddly and playful. However, if they haven’t had any social interaction from an early age, they can be just as dangerous as a normal Rottweiler that hasn’t been socialized.

How to Take Care of a Mini Rottweiler?

Taking care of a healthy miniature Rottweiler shouldn’t be much different than taking care of any other pooch. But, since every dog is unique and every breed has its own requirements, there may be certain activities or specific dietary needs that you might want to implement to help your pup have a more fulfilled life.


Any dog’s nutrition will depend on age, size, level of activity, and health condition. It is important to take all this into consideration when you choose a dog food that will meet your mini Rottie’s nutritional needs.

Nevertheless, a miniature Rottweiler puppy can have a big appetite and may be difficult to decide on its portions. This is where a consultation with a veterinarian will help because it is crucial for its development to provide your pup with the right amount of food. If you give it less than it needs, it may be malnourished, and if you give it more then it may become overweight. In both cases, it can develop certain health issues.

Training and Exercise

Unlike some other miniature dog breeds, the mini Rottie is a pup with high energy levels. That means you will need to spend good quality play time together. Your pooch will be thrilled to play any type of activity with you. Try to take your doggie for a walk for at least forty-five minutes a day. And, make some space for other physical activities as well.

Training your mini Rottweiler is something you would want to consider because there is a big possibility that it will inherit the dominant and stubborn character of its Rottie parent. Avoid training your pooch with harsh punishments and screaming, and try positive reinforcement with a lot of love and patience.

It is crucial that your mini Rott learns to listen to what you tell it to do because they can show a little bit of aggression and territorial behavior.

Furthermore, socialization is something that you should consider as part of the training because the more it gets used to being with other humans and pets the more companionable it will get.


Although a mini Rottie may not have the fur of a poodle, it will still require some grooming time. This is as important as everything else we mentioned above.

Miniature Rott may shed as regular Rottweiler, but if it is a crossbreed, then it depends on which qualities it will take on. However, it still does need regular brushing with a brush that has soft bristles because you want your pup’s coat to look nice and beautiful without hurting the little ball of love.

In relation, a bath time routine is a must to keep your pooch clean, especially if it spends a lot of time outdoors.

Dental hygiene and clipping nails are something that you should pay attention to as well. If you can’t do these things by yourself, you could always take your dog to a groomer.

Health Challenges

In the content above, we mentioned that purebred miniature Rottweilers could develop certain medical conditions due to some preexisting health issues. Some health conditions your mini Rottie pup may face are hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia related to joints and bones, progressive retinal atrophy, and cataracts related to the eyes.

Regular veterinary checkups and exams will help with early detection and timely treatments.

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Mini Rottweilers as Family Companions

The Rottweiler breed is known for being very protective and devoted to the family they are part of if the dog is trained and socialized properly. These pups can be very affectionate and get along with children well.

Naturally, you would love to have these qualities in the mini version of this breed. But, as we know, a miniature Rottweiler can be an offspring of a Rottweiler and another small breed dog, and it can inherit the characteristics of the other breed. So, if for example, that breed is Chihuahua, the mini Rottie may not be very patient and playful with children. Therefore, it is up to you to do your research on what type of miniature Rottweiler you want and consult with different breeders before getting a pup.

Mini Rotties and Other Pets

The same goes for other pets. If you have a cat or another animal companion, and you are thinking about acquiring a mini Rott, you should do your research. Rottweilers, and some small breed dogs such as the Shih Tzu, have a strong prey drive, and even if the mini Rottie may look small, it may still want to chase other pets.

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Miniature Rottweiler – Common Rottweiler Mixes

There are a few small dog breeds that are commonly used for crossbreeding with Rottweilers, and their offspring is called a miniature Rottweiler if it takes on most of the features of the Rottie parent.


The Reagle is a mix of a Rottweiler and a Beagle, and they usually inherit the black coat with tan markings from the Rott. If their character is more on the Beagle side, they can be very friendly with a strong sense of smell.


When a miniature Poodle and a Rottweiler come together, the Rottle is the result. A pup with possibly a curly coat with Rottie’s color and tan markings, the Rottle can be as playful as its Poodle parent and as protective as its Rottie parent. Or it may take on more from one parent than from the other.

Rottie Chi

Being one of the smallest toy breeds, Chihuahuas weigh around seven pounds, and their height can be between five and eight inches. Taking this into consideration you may expect to get the smallest miniature Rottweiler from a Chihuahua mixed with a Rottweiler. However, this can’t be guaranteed because the puppy may favor one parent’s characteristics over the other, although the mini Rott shouldn’t grow more than a medium-sized dog.

3 miniature rottweilers

Final Thoughts on Mini Rottweiler

If you love the Rottweiler breed, but you don’t have the space, then the miniature Rottweiler is a great choice for you. It has the character traits of a Rottweiler, with a little bit more energy, but in a smaller size.

However, keep in mind that if you choose a purebred mini Rottweiler, it may come with certain health problems, whereas the crossbred mini Rottie may be a safer choice. But, the crossbred can inherit many features from its non-Rottweiler parent.

Nevertheless, you will get a wonderful and loyal companion that will give you much love.

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