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As cats with asthma are allergic to certain ingredients, dogs can develop allergies to dust and other things in the environment as well. Our canine friends may show some symptoms like watery eyes, sneezing, licking, or runny nose, which can be an indication of an allergic reaction. Very often the place where your furry friend sleeps is the root of its allergies, and that’s where hypoallergenic dog beds come to the rescue.

Owning a dog requires a complete dedication to the wellbeing of your canine companion, and your pip depends on you to provide living conditions that are going to help it thrive and grow into an active and healthy dog. A night of good sleep in the best hypoallergenic dog bed is going to contribute to your doggie’s overall health.

In this article, we will help you discover what fabrics you should avoid when choosing a hypoallergenic bed for your pooch, as well as how can you notice if your pup has allergies. Keep reading to find out what are our top recommendations for the best hypoallergenic dog beds.

How Do I Know If My Pooch Suffers From Allergies?

As we mentioned above, some of the most common symptoms of dog allergies are itching of the skin, sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny nose. If you suspect that your pup is allergic to something, the best action is to confirm that with your veterinarian who will help you determine what to do next to help your canine friend.

What Should I Do to Reduce the Allergic Reactions in Dogs?

During your visit to the vet may run some tests that will confirm what is causing your pup’s allergic reaction and this will reveal what you need to do to eliminate or limit the allergens that are present around your dog?

Dog in bed

Furthermore, the veterinarian may provide some type of medications to alleviate the allergic reactions, depending on the type of allergy.

Immunotherapy is another form of treatment for allergies during which over some time your doggie gets injected with a small amount of the substance that causes the allergy and in this way, the immune system becomes used to the allergen and the reaction isn’t severe.

So, the treatment will depend on what is causing the allergies. If your pup is allergic to dust mites present in its bed, then getting a hypoallergenic dog bed will help reduce its allergic reactions.

Can Canines Be Allergic to Their Beds?

Most of the allergic reactions in dogs (around thirty percent) are triggered by dust mites. And, these little critters are frequently found in your pup’s bed.

In addition, dog beds also accumulate dead skin and molds which can also trigger skin infection and irritation. This is why hypoallergenic bedding plays a key role in alleviating your dog’s allergic reactions.

Furthermore, check the filling of the bed of your pooch. Doggies can be allergic to the material of the filling which is usually made of latex or synthetic foam. This type of foam keeps the skin cells that your pup sheds, and this attracts the dust mites or it may even cause mold to appear and fleas to start nesting. As a result, your pup develops allergies.

What Fabrics Are Dogs Allergic to?

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned the filling of the bed as being the most common source of allergens since dust mites usually appear there. However, the fabric of the bed cover is another factor to consider when looking at hypoallergenic dog beds.

What Fabrics Are Dogs Allergic to?

The synthetic fibers of the bed cover are usually treated with chemicals that can be allergenic. The most frequent compound used in these chemical processes is fire retardant which is used to prevent the start of a fire. Although this is good for your and your furry friend’s safety, it can trigger an allergic reaction in your pooch.

However, some natural fabrics can cause dog allergies because they can be the perfect hiding place for dust mites and bacteria.

So, probably you are wondering what you should do if both synthetic and natural fibers can be the cause of your furry friend’s allergies. Hypoallergenic fabrics that are easy to remove, wash, and are made of fibers that are tightly woven, are your best option.

But, ensure that you replace and clean the bed of your pooch frequently.

What to Look For in a Hypoallergenic Dog Bed?

You confirmed with your veterinarian that your pooch has allergies and that you need the best hypoallergenic dog bed. But what makes a good hypoallergenic bed for dogs? What to look for when choosing a bed for your pup? The content below will help you find the answers to these questions.

What to Look For in a Hypoallergenic Dog Bed?

Is the Bed Comfortable?

When you look for a bed for your furry friend, search as you would for yourself. A bed with thick and dense memory foam that supports your pup’s body and is suitable for its size is going to feel very comfortable for the furry ball of love.

What Kind of Material Is It Made Of?

In the text above we mentioned the importance of the material of the cover and filling of the bed.

The outer material of the bed should be made of a material that doesn’t trigger an allergic reaction in your pooch. This can be any bed cover made of suede, cotton, or wool, but if you don’t know which material your dog is allergic to, opt for natural material, and avoid synthetics.

In relation, the inner material, the filling of the bed, is preferred to be made of medical-grade dense memory foam. If your canine friend is prone to overheating, gel foam is a great choice for bed filling.

Are the Hypoallergenic Dog Beds Durable?

Naturally, you don’t want to buy a dog bed every couple of months. So go for good quality material, and look for chew resistant and water-resistant dog bed. Also, you would like quality bed foam that will last and not flatten after a month.

Is the Hypoallergenic Dog Bed Durable?

Choose a dog bed that is made of quality, hypoallergenic material that can be easily wiped, cleaned, and safe to wash in a washing machine.

The Best Hypoallergenic Dog Beds – Our Top Four Recommendations

Orthopedic Pillow for Dogs With Removable Cover by Kopeks

The orthopedic pillow by Kopeks is perfect for giant dog breeds. The cover is made of suede while the inner material is hypoallergenic memory foam. Your pup will have restful sleep while it feels supported, comfortable and in case it has any kind of joint conditions the foam is orthopedic-grade which will help soothe its discomfort in the muscles and joints.

Orthopedic Pillow for Dogs With Removable Cover by Kopeks


  • Its memory foam is orthopedic and hypoallergenic
  • The covers are water-resistant and made of comfortable, soft suede material
  • The covers can be removed and easily cleaned or washed in a machine


  • Some dogs may not enjoy sleeping on this pillow

Antimicrobial Orthopedic Pillow Bed for Dogs with Removable Cover by Petmate

This Deluxe pillow bed by Petmate is made with Microban antimicrobial technology which stops stink and prevents the growth of bacteria and odor. Your furry friend will enjoy a comfortable sleep on the cover made of faux suede and micro terry material. The orthopedic foam adds to the comfort and makes this pillow the perfect sleeping place, safe from allergies and discomfort.

Antimicrobial Orthopedic Pillow Bed for Dogs with Removable Cover by Petmate


  • The cover is soft, comfortable, and safe to be washed in a machine
  • The pillow is antimicrobial which helps with odor and bacteria prevention
  • The foam is orthopedic and comfortable for your pup’s resting time


  • The bed and the cover are not chew-resistant nor water-resistant

Orthopedic Bolster Bed for Cats and Dogs by K&H Pet Products

The orthopedic bolster bed offers premium comfort and security. The medical-grade orthopedic foam of the bed is going to make your doggie feel extra comfy, while the bolster which is filled with eco-friendly polyfill will provide security for your pup when it drifts off to sleepy land.

Furthermore, the cover of the bed can be easily taken off and cleaned or washed in the washing machine.

Orthopedic Bolster Bed for Cats and Dogs by K&H Pet Products


  • Its foam is medical grade and orthopedic
  • The cover is soft and easy to clean
  • The filling of the bolster is eco-friendly
  • It is available in various sizes


  • The foam is not very thick
  • The material of the dog bed is not water-resistant

Bolster Bed for Cats & Dogs with Memory Foam and Removable Cover by PetFusion

The inner material of the bolster is made of recycled polyfill while the bed has memory foam which makes it comfortable and secure for your dog to sleep, nap, and rest during the entire day.

Moreover, the cover is made of cotton and polyester and it is also water and chew resistant. The bed is comfortable, durable, and safe for your furry friend.

Bolster Bed for Cats & Dogs with Memory Foam and Removable Cover by PetFusion


  • The cover is water-resistant and anti-tear, and easy to remove, clean it or wash it in a machine
  • It is available in different sizes and the thickness of the memory foam increases with the size of the bed
  • The recycled polyfill in the bolster is safe and adds comfort and security


  • It is not resistant to odor
  • If your pooch is an aggressive chewer, it may not last long
  • Some doggies don’t want to sleep on it

Let’s Get Some Zs

Selecting the best hypoallergenic dog bed for your pooch will go a long way in alleviating its allergic reactions. However, besides the hypoallergenic properties, the bed needs to be comfortable so that your dog gets a good quality sleep. This is important even if your pup doesn’t suffer from allergies.

Many people let their furry friends sleep with them in the same bed. While this deepens your connection with your canine companion, it may not be the healthiest option for its allergies and you as well.

Get your doggie a comfortable hypoallergenic bed that is suitable for its size and both of you will get a good night’s sleep.

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