What Is The Best Indestructible And Chew Proof Dog Collar?

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Have you ever come home to find your dog with a bare neck beside a chewed-up mess of what used to be her collar? I certainly have! It was terrifying to think that if she had gotten out, rescuers could have assumed she was a stray or placed her in the pound without any way to contact me. Luckily, you can find a tough, chew proof dog collar that could help you and your pup avoid that kind of situation.

Why Buy A Chew Proof Dog Collar

Since the advent of microchipping, collars have become less essential in helping lost pups find their owners, but there are still many safety concerns for a collarless dog. Even though a rescue or veterinarian can still identify your microchipped dog, they might assume the worst if Frodo shows up without a collar.

Scared dogs act unpredictably, and if your dog gets lost, you don’t want anyone to assume they are feral. This can lead to unfortunate encounters between your pup and his rescuers or animal control.

If you use a leash, you want to make sure your dog has a tough, chew proof dog collar. Even dogs with good leash manners will occasionally pull on the leash. My dogs seem to forget all of their training every time they see a deer. You don’t want your dog to break his collar and run off the next time a squirrel waltzes by.

Who Should Buy An Indestructible Dog Collar

If you already know that your dog chews up their leash or collar, your dog is a good candidate for this kind of product. If you are adopting a new dog or raising a puppy, you might wonder whether you need to invest in a chew proof collar. It depends heavily on the breed and the dog’s personal temperament.

Working dogs like Shetland sheepdogs, German shepherds, and huskies are all prone to chewing. The same is true of terriers, labs, and golden retrievers. These breeds will need a lot of enrichment, exercise, and attention to keep them from chewing on everything, including their collar. Your veterinarian will have useful input on whether your dog’s breed tends to chew excessively.

Just because your dog chews excessively as a puppy doesn’t necessarily mean she will always be a heavy chewer. As they move past their teething stage, many dogs chewing habits can be satisfied with dog toys or bones. Furthermore, chewing is addressed in many behavioral programs, where your dog will learn not to chew inappropriate objects.

Agility dogs are prone to chew on their collar or leash, as they are often frustrated standing still while they watch other dogs run around. If you plan on participating in this kind of activity with your dog, you should make sure you have a durable collar and leash with you.

dog with collar in his mouth

When to Look for Other Solutions

Chewing is a natural behavior for a lot of dogs. Puppies chew to alleviate pain from their teeth growing in and older dogs chew to keep their teeth and jaw strong. Even wild dogs spend their downtime chewing on bones.

Despite this, chewing occasionally signals that something is wrong. If your dog’s chewing is so persistent that you are constantly replacing their collars, then it may signal something more serious. Dogs chew because of separation anxiety, stress, boredom, and compulsion. Many dogs will cease their destructive chewing when given additional stimulation or appropriate chew toys. If these tactics don’t work, it is time to seek professional help from a dog trainer or behavioral specialist.

What to Look for in Chew Proof Collars


The materials and craftsmanship are going to be the two biggest factors that keep your dog from chewing up his new collar. While no collar is completely safe from voracious chewers, collars made from tough materials will last longer than others. I, personally, always choose collars with metal buckles instead of plastic ones, because my black lab can easily chew through plastic.


There is something about loving my outfit that makes me more excited to leave the house in the morning. I like to think it’s the same way for my dogs. Even if my dogs don’t share my concern for style, I wouldn’t want to see my dog wearing a collar I find ugly.

Special Traits

Some dog owners might look for collars with specific purposes beyond those served by the generic dog collar. This list includes multiple training collars that will help your dog learn to walk on a leash. You might also want a collar compatible with an electric fence or one customizable to signal that your dog is working.

dog collars

Why does my dog keep chewing his harness?

It’s in a dog’s nature to chew. Although it may be very frustrating for you and it can lead to the destruction of many items, chewing is something that all pups do. Doggie’s teeth were made to be able to tear through meat, let alone a harness even if it is chew resistant.

There are many reasons why your dog keeps chewing on objects. Sometimes pups express their curiosity in this way, or they are trying to reduce their anxiety. Another reason may be the taste of the object, or they are just trying to clean their teeth.

When it comes to collars, the reason may be its dislike for the collar material or it simply may not be happy about the heavy-duty dog collar. However, your doggie may just feel like chewing on something and the harness is the closest thing.

Hunger, teething, or simply the desire to explore its surroundings can lead a pup to chew on its collar.

Nevertheless, no matter what the reason for chewing is, replacing the harness with an indestructible collar can be quite annoying if you don’t know what to look for.

How do I stop my dog from chewing his collar?

So your cute little pooch did chew through its dog collar, and now you bought a new one. But, how do you stop it from doing it again? There are a few things you could consider doing to prevent this from happening again.

Take the collar off

Your pup may not be very happy with having the dog collar on at all times, so take it off from time to time. It may be convenient for you to leave it on, but your doggie may be annoyed.

Avoid tying your pup

You shouldn’t tie your pouch out. This may make it feel anxious and frustrated.

Direct its attention elsewhere

When you catch your pouch chewing on its dog collar, avoid punishing it and screaming at the little ball of love. Instead try to get its attention with some toys, balls, or other activities. Once it stops chewing and starts playing, reward it with a treat.

Physical exercise is important

Some dog breeds require more physical exercise than others. Schedule regular playtime and entertain your pup, so that it doesn’t entertain itself with chewing on its collar.

Separation anxiety

One reason your doggie maybe chewing on its dog collar is separation anxiety. Before you leave your pouch alone, take off its collar. Or, you can try taking it for a walk before you head off to work.

Anti-chew spray

Anti-chew spray is an excellent idea for a persistent dog that won’t stop chewing. The anti-chew sprays give a bad taste when the pup starts chewing. Usually, after several attempts, the pouch will quit chewing on the dog collar.

Can dogs chew through leather?

Leather is one of the most frequently used materials for chew-proof dog collars. It is soft, durable, and stylish. But is leather really chew-resistant?

Generally, leather collars for dogs are less resistant to chewing than metal ones. However, if you consider the type of leather, the way the collar is made, and whether it has additional padding, leather can make a quite durable, comfortable, and indestructible collar.

leather dog collar

What collar can a dog not chew through?

Although your pup’s will to chew can probably go over any type of indestructible collar, to find a heavy-duty dog collar that your pup won’t be able to destroy completely, you need to look for a collar with certain features.

Long-lasting material

Certain materials like rip-stop, ballistic nylon, or metal are more resistant to chewing than others. Moreover, some products are made with a protective coating that increases their durability. But, the durability of the collar will depend on your dog’s strength, age, and size, as well.

Does your pouch feel comfortable?

Most of the chew-proof dog collars are quite stiff and uncomfortable, which leads to chewing. It is extremely important for the collar to be made of long-lasting material but it is equally important to be comfortable for the pup.

Some products use padding for added comfort, while others are made of a combination of materials, like metal with fabric, but ensure that it is flexible enough.

Tailored for your pup

If you get a collar and you fit it properly, your dog won’t be able to chew through it. Be careful with the tightness. It should fit snuggly around your dog’s neck without being too tight.

Other items on the collar

Metal buckle, D-ring, and clips add to the durability of the collar. If they are made of a material like plastic, it would be easier for the doggie to break them.

A sturdy metal buckle is crucial for an indestructible dog collar. The metal won’t break under pressure, and it will prevent the buckle from getting broken. Moreover, a metal buckle with a quick-release feature is the safest option for your doggie.

The D-ring should be made of metal since it will extend the durability of the collar. Furthermore, if your pup is quite powerful and keeps pulling your leash, a metal D-ring will ensure that your pouch doesn’t break loose.

dog on the beach

Why do dogs get excited when you take their collar off?

There can be various reasons for your dog’s excitement when you take its collar off. The most common ones are:

  • Your pup associates the action of taking the collar off with another positive act that usually follows after removing the collar.
  • If you have tightened your dog’s collar too much, clearly it would be very excited when you take it off. Ensure that you fit the collar nicely so that your pup feels comfortable when wearing it.
  • If you are feeling excited when you take off your pup’s collar, it could mimic your emotion, especially if you are praising it and speaking to it in a very excited voice.

The Best Chew Proof Dog Collar

Professional Chrome Martingale Large Double Chain No Choke Slip Training Pet Collar for Dogs

Professional Chrome Martingale Large Double Chain No Choke Slip Training Pet Collar for Dogs


  • Helps with Training – When your pup pulls on the collar, he will experience an unpleasant tension, that will condition him not to further pull on the collar. The dog will realize that he can control the collar’s tightness with his behavior, and with any luck, he will stop pulling.
  • Strong Materials – The double martingale chain ensures that this collar is practically indestructible. You don’t need to worry about your dog breaking free or chewing off this collar.
  • Price – At less than $9.00, this is one of the more affordable collars on our list.


  • Versatility – You cannot leave this collar on your dog all day. This collar only stays on effectively when it’s connected to a leash and your dog will require supervision when using this collar. Furthermore, this collar’s usefulness fades once they have learned to walk on a leash.
  • Attractiveness – This collar comes in medium and small, but otherwise, you are stuck with the one color and design. That’s great if chrome chains are your style, but if they’re not, you probably want to find a different collar.
  • Safety – While the design is no choke, it can cause discomfort if it is not properly adjusted to the dog’s neck. The manufacturer advises owners to monitor their dogs while using the collar and to remove the collar if the dog exhibits continued duress. Make sure you know how to properly use a martingale collar before trying it out on your pup.

OneTigris Nylon Military Dog Collar

OneTigris Nylon Military Dog Collar


  • Comfort – This collar is lined with padding so that your pup is unbothered by the strong nylon weave. It comes in multiple sizes and is adjustable for a secure and cozy fit.
  • Attractiveness – It comes in three neutral colors that closely complement the natural fur colors of most dog breeds. It includes a hook and loop Velcro panel to attach personalized military patches and has an overall stylish look. The brand offers “moral patches” that fit on the collar perfectly or you can find your own Velcro patches elsewhere.
  • Buckle – The buckle has to prongs that link into the collar for extra reinforcement. The holes are lined with metal, which prevents fraying and keeps the collar from falling apart prematurely.


  • Material – While the nylon blend is tightly woven as to be super strong, fabric, in general, happens to be very chewable. It may take your pup a while to get through this collar, but he’ll be able to shred it to pieces if he’s persistent enough.

Soft Touch Collars Leather Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar

Soft Touch Collars Leather Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar


  • Comfort – Similar to the Tigris, this collar features a padded interior, which makes an otherwise strength-focused design comfortable.
  • Attractiveness – The collar comes in five varieties that range from simple neutral tones to brown with a colorful lining. The manufacturer produces matching leashes.
  • Craftsmanship – The collar is handstitched with a leather exterior and sheepskin padding. These high-quality materials set it apart from mass-produced collars, which are easier for dogs to break or chew through.
  • Sizing – The collar comes in four sizes, with the width adjusted accordingly. It will fit dogs with neck circumferences from 12 to 23 inches, meaning this collar will accommodate a larger variety of breeds than many of the collars on this list.


  • Care – While real leather is beautiful, it does require a lot of care to stay in top condition. To maintain optimal condition, this collar should be washed regularly and stay out of the water. Especially with a rambunctious, collar-chewing dog, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort if you want it to look the way it did when you first bought it.
  • Price – With a list price of $45.99, this is the most expensive collar on the list. Factoring in the additional cost of caring for genuine leather, this collar might not fit into everyone’s budget.

Petmate Comfort Chain Training Collar

Petmate Comfort Chain Training Collar


  • Helps with Training – The second training collar on our list, this collar will help train your dog not to pull on the collar. The nylon weave allows for extra comfort compared to other chain collars.
  • Sizing – In addition to having a wide array of sizes from 16 inches to 30 inches, the collar’s width is adjusted for different sized dogs. As is the nature of training collars in general, you can adjust them to fit a smaller neck circumference.
  • Technology – This collar features a patent-pending nylon weave through the chain. The weave prevents pinching, hair-pulling, or excess noise.


  • Attractiveness – Buyers can choose from two different color ropes, but the overall design is hardly attractive. The woven nylon rope makes it look lumpy and the color choices are hardly chic.
  • Versatility – This collar is useful as a training collar, but the ultimate purpose of this collar is to have your pup behaving well enough that he graduates to a different collar. Regardless, you will want an additional collar to stay on your dog while he is at home. This collar only works when your pup is on a leash.

Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Nylon Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Nylon Dog Collar


  • Attractiveness – This collar comes in eight different colors to fit your style and your dog’s personality. All of the colors are bright, making your dog easier to spot he tries to run off. The manufacturer offers matching leashes and harnesses.
  • Care – The collar is machine washable, making it easier to clean than any of the other products on this list.
  • Personalization – Upon request, the manufacturer will embroider your number and your dog’s name onto the collar. This way, you never have to worry about dog tags falling off or writing rubbing off.


  • Strength – The feature that supposedly makes this collar chew-proof is its dense nylon webbing, but otherwise, the collar isn’t very durable compared to the other ones on this list. The buckle is plastic, which is easy to chew on and easily breakable for teething pups. Most of the other collars on this list have multiple layers to keep it together or metal components where plastic would typically be. This product lacks those qualities.
  • Sizing – This product is only made for small breeds. Dog owners with breeds over 20 pounds will have to look elsewhere for a strong collar.

Overall Winner

My favorite chew-proof collar out of this bunch is the Soft Touch Collars Leather Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar. It is attractive and made from high-quality, durable materials that will survive even the most ardent chewing. While it is the most expensive collar on the list, the price accounts for the value of good craftsmanship and hand-stitching.

My favorite feature of this collar is that it is made from real leather and sheepskin. In the same way that we humans can appreciate the comfort and sturdiness of these materials, so can our pups.

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