Top Cats Asthma Home Remedies, What Are Your Options?

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If you have a cat with asthma you are probably aware that this condition isn’t curable, but it does need to be managed with certain prescribed medications and treatments.

Besides the usually prescribed use of bronchodilators and corticosteroids, there are certain cats asthma home remedies that can help you with the condition of your feline friend.

Although asthma can be very dangerous, and medication should be the first treatment after a consultation with a veterinarian, you can take some proactive steps that will prevent asthma attacks so your kitty’s average lifespan and the quality of its life won’t be affected.

If you are wondering what are some of the cats asthma home remedies that you can practice and help your cat have a normal and active life, keep reading our article.

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How to Manage Feline Asthma?

The traditional, prescribed treatment is crucial for managing your cat’s asthma condition. But, also there are holistic measures you can take in addition to the medicine.

Prescribed Medications for Feline Asthma

The traditional treatments for feline asthma that would be recommended and prescribed by a veterinarian are two types of medications: bronchodilators and corticosteroids.

Bronchodilators are used to help your kitty breathe during an asthma attack by opening the airways. This is a medication that offers quick relief and it isn’t used regularly.

In contrast, corticosteroids are used daily to reduce inflammation in the lungs thus preventing asthma attacks and relieving the symptoms.

The safest and most effective way to administer these two medications is through using an inhaler. If your kitty inhales the medication rather than receiving it orally or by injection, the risk of other organs getting affected by the treatment is significantly reduced.

Furthermore, your veterinarian may advise you to use other over-the-counter medicine (for example antihistamines), but never use them without the approval of the vet and instead of the previously mentioned medications.

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Cats Asthma Home Remedies

In addition to the treatment prescribed by a veterinarian, there are natural and home remedies that can help reduce asthma attacks and symptoms. These include certain modifications in the diet, removing asthma triggers, introducing supplements, and stress management.

Cats Asthma Home Remedies – What Can You Do to Help Your Kitty?

Nutrition Management

Keeping an eye on your cat’s nutrition and ensuring it is having a well-balanced diet will help with weight management and reduction of asthma attacks. How can your kitty’s weight affect its asthma condition?

Cats that are overweight can have numerous health issues and their weight can also affect the function of the respiratory system. This can cause serious problems when a cat is asthmatic so managing its weight is crucial. Consult with a veterinarian on the changes you want to make to decrease your cat’s weight.

Furthermore, the type of food you are feeding your feline friend can have an impact on its asthmatic episodes as well. The best food for cats with asthma reduces inflammation and keeps your cat’s immune system strong and healthy.

Carbohydrates are not essential for felines and their diet should be low in this macronutrient. Read the food labels and avoid brands that have a high quantity of any grains (barley, oats, wheat, rice) or even potatoes.

A good quality protein source is vital for your kitty’s strength and health. But, some asthmatic cats may benefit from changing the protein source. You can start introducing the new protein gradually and observe how it affects its condition.

In relation, fatty acids are another essential part of a feline diet, especially one with asthma condition. Omega fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and offer a lot of benefits to your kitty’s overall health. If your cat is not getting enough fatty acids through its diet try supplementation with fish oil because cats can metabolize this easier than they would flaxseed supplements.

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Introduce Supplements in the Diet

If you choose to alleviate your cat’s asthma condition with supplements, consult with your veterinarian on which ones would be best for your kitty specifically. There are some terrific vet-approved supplements that are based on natural ingredients that can help your feline friend breathe easier while at the same time they will boost its immune system.

Supplements can be a great addition to conventional asthma treatment; they can reduce inflammation and improve your kitty’s overall health.

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Detect Asthma Triggers and Allergens

Be vigilant, and detect if there is anything in your surroundings that may be worsening your cat’s asthma condition.

Triggers That Are Airborne

Cat asthma symptoms can be triggered by some allergens in the air. This irritation can be caused by smoke, chemicals, dust, aerosols, pollen, perfumes, and heavy scents. So, what can you do to help your beloved furball?

If you smoke, avoid smoking around your cat. Also, if you use a fireplace, the smoke can irritate your feline friend’s respiratory system. Ensure there is good air quality in the area where your kitty normally is around. This can be accomplished by frequently ventilating the area and allowing air to circulate.

Furthermore, dry air may trigger asthma attacks as well, so if it is necessary try using a humidifier.

Strong scents and perfumes can be other factors that affect your kitty’s breathing and trigger asthmatic reactions. Avoid using your perfume (even though it’s your favorite), scented candles, or strong air fresheners around your furry friend.

Cleaning chemicals with strong smells can irritate your cat’s airways and they can be another cause of its asthma attacks. Avoid using them and opt for more natural products.

What type of cat litter do you use? Is it wood pellet cat litter, silica, or clay-based? The cat litter can be another trigger for your cat’s condition. If the litter has a very strong, artificial scent, and it is dusty, it can irritate your kitty’s respiratory tissues and cause an asthma attack. Use the right type of cat litter that your cat with asthma needs.

Moreover, the litter box that your feline friend uses every day, might be worsening your cat’s condition. If the box is covered and it doesn’t have good air circulation, you may want to consider replacing it.

Recognize Other Allergens

The most important step you can take to help your cat with its condition is recognizing what may be triggering and aggravating its condition. Your kitty may be allergic to pollen, mold, certain food, or feathers from other animals. Pay attention to what your cat is coming into contact with and remove whatever may be causing the inflammatory reactions.

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Stress Can Be a Trigger

We refer to stress in cats, not your stress. Yes, cats can get stressed out too, even though they are not thinking about completing work projects or worrying about paying next month’s rent. Stress in cats can be caused by a variety of situations like changes in routine and diet, or lack of attention.

Whenever you introduce a certain change in your kitty’s life, do it gradually. Felines love their routine so sticking to their eating schedule and playing at the same time every day will prevent stressful situations and thus reduce asthma flare-ups.

Furthermore, if you are planning to introduce a new family member, plan ahead and do it step by step, because it takes time for cats to form new relationships, and forcing them into one may aggravate their condition.

In relation, methods of positive reinforcement can assist you with introducing some changes or when taking your cat to the vet in a transporter with your car. Your kitty will associate these experiences with something positive and they won’t get so stressed every time it needs to go to the vet. This will need time and patience from your side, but in the long run, it could help with preventing asthmatic reactions.

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Help Your Feline Friend Have the Best Life

There is a lot that you can do to alleviate your cat’s condition in addition to the traditional treatment prescribed by your vet. Help your kitty enjoy an active and healthy life by managing its condition with small adjustments in your surroundings or its diet.

Knowing what is triggering your cat’s asthma attacks and getting familiar with cats asthma home remedies will help your feline friend.

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