Can Huskies Swim? The Unexpected Answer

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Can huskies swim? When you first look at a husky, you might think, “That dog looks like it was born to swim.” 

Their thick fur coats and webbed feet make them appear well-equipped for a dip in the water. But as it turns out, most huskies can’t naturally swim. Many of them are afraid of water. 

So, why are huskies afraid of water? And can they learn to swim? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Most Huskies Can’t Naturally Swim

It’s a common misconception that all dogs can swim since they have four legs and webbed feet. But the truth is, not all dogs are created equal regarding their swimming abilities. Huskies, for example, are not natural swimmers because of their body structure and fur type

Huskies have a thick double coat of fur that insulates them against the cold weather. But this same coat also weighs them down in the water, making it difficult for them to move their legs. Their small feet also make it difficult to paddle, and their legs are not long enough to provide much thrust.

Additionally, huskies have a very strong muscle build, which gives them extra weight and makes it hard to tread water. Their long tails also act as a rudder when they’re running, but in water, it just gets in the way and makes it harder for them to swim. 

husky in snow

Reasons Why Huskies Hate Water

Huskies are bred for cold climates and are used to playing in the snow. As a result, they don’t have much experience with swimming or even being around large bodies of water. This lack of exposure can make them fearful of water

Huskies are natural hunters, and swimmers would quickly tire them out, making them easy prey for predators. 

Another reason why most huskies don’t like water is because they’re afraid of it. It’s not uncommon for huskies to panic in water because they feel like they’re going to drown. This is especially true if they don’t know how to swim or the water is too deep to touch the bottom. 

Additionally, many huskies have had bad experiences with water, such as being sprayed by a hose or getting caught in the rain. As a result, these negative experiences have made them afraid of water and reluctant to go near it. 

For all of these reasons, most huskies cannot naturally swim. 

husky on beach

Can Huskies Learn Swimming?

Yes, huskies can learn to swim, but it is important to note that a professional dog trainer or veterinarian should only teach them. 

While most huskies can’t naturally swim, that doesn’t mean they can’t learn. With patience and proper training, your husky can learn to enjoy swimming. 

It is also important to start with short sessions and gradually increase the time as your husky gets more comfortable with the water. You might begin by letting them play near the water’s edge or taking them for short walks along the beach. 

Once they’re comfortable with that, you can have them paddle their legs in the shallows. Eventually, with enough practice, they should be able to swim confidently. 

Just be sure never to force them into the water if they’re reluctant—this will only make them more scared.

husky is swiming


So there you have it! Contrary to popular belief, most huskies can’t naturally swim because of their dense coats and small feet. 

However, your furry friend can enjoy taking a dip in the pool or playing at the beach with patience and proper training. Remember, start slowly, and never force them into the water if they seem nervous or scared. With a little patience and effort, your husky will swim in no time!

If you own a husky, we recommend teaching them how to enjoy the water!

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