The Best Boxer Toys For Your Furry Friend

Every pooch needs a toy that will keep it entertained and active. Boxers are an active dog breed and toys help them stay in shape mentally and physically. Nevertheless, effective boxer toys are necessary tools for the normal development of your pup.

If you notice that your Boxer plays with your shoes, which aren’t really chew-proof, even though you take it outside regularly for running and jumping around, then it is time to get some Boxer toys that will engage its mind as well as its teeth.

Every pup is different, so it is important that you choose a toy that will meet your Boxer needs ensuring that it is safe, is the right size for your doggie, and is durable.

If you are wondering how to keep your Boxer entertained, and whether it will enjoy playing with toys or not, keep reading this article to find out.

How Do I Keep my Boxer Entertained?

The outgoing and energetic nature of Boxers calls for a variety of physical exercises and fun games. For example, if you jog or ride a bike, take your pooch with you.

Your Boxer Needs Mental and Physical Exercise

Boxers are dogs that need to be mentally and physically challenged to get tired and keep them off your shoes.

If you are focusing only on getting your doggie physically tired, it will be ready for another round of walking through the park after a short nap.

Toys for Boxer

Mental stimulation is as important as physical exercise, and not just for tiring your pup, but for its development as well.

Keep It Entertaining, but Effective

There are some fun games that you can play with your pup that will provide mental stimulation and keep it physically active.

Playing engaging, fun games will improve your dog’s behavior, it will strengthen your bond, and with time it will increase your Boxer’s obedience and intelligence.

Some games you can play are: hide and seek, the cup game, or find the treat.

What to Do When It Is Home Alone?

Your pooch will need something to keep it occupied while you are out of the house. Since you aren’t going to be there to facilitate the game, you will need to get some Boxer toys to keep your companion happy.

Do Boxers Like to Chew?

Chewing is normal when you have a puppy and its teeth are growing. However, Boxer’s enthusiastic chewing behavior isn’t something that is new to vets, so don’t be surprised if your canine friend plays with your furniture or clothing. Boxers are a curious breed and their chewing habit isn’t something you can’t solve. Good training for dogs is something you may want to consider, but above all, you will need all the patience and love you have for your pup.

Boxer like to chew

However, if you notice that your Boxer excessively chews on its paws, you need to take it to the vet, because it may have an allergic reaction, separation anxiety, or something else that needs attention.

What Do Boxer Dogs Like to Play With?

No two Boxer dogs are alike. Your Boxer’s preference for playtime will be different from another. Get to know your Boxer, deepen the bond between the two of you, and you will be able to choose the best Boxer toys for your doggie.

If you are just preparing for owning a dog, and the Boxer you are getting is a puppy, then try different types of games and toys. Your puppy will let you know what it enjoys doing. The only way you can choose the best toy for your Boxer is by spending time with your new family member.

Do Boxers Play With Toys?

Boxers can have so much fun with toys, but only if you ensure they do. One way is by being engaged and playing with your pooch. Another way is removing the toy after you and your dog played with it, to ensure it stays fairly new to the Boxer. If you leave it out for a long time, your dog will get bored of it quickly, and you will need to get a new toy.

Avoid bringing out all Boxer toys at the same time, so that its interest in every toy will remain.

Types of Boxer Toys and What to Look For

There are several types of toys for Boxer dogs that can keep your pup entertained and engaged, and each type offers a different kind of fun. Some of them are rope toys, balls, chew toys, puzzles, and treat dispensers. In our article, we provide several recommendations for the best Boxer toys, which can help to create memorable, fun times with your dog.

Furthermore, determine how your Boxer likes to play, and choose the toy that focuses on that. Also, that toy has to be durable because with the Boxer’s mouth power you will end up buying a new toy every day.

Type of Boxer toys

It goes without saying that the toy you choose has to be safe for your Boxer. Check the material that has been used to make the toy, and if it isn’t written, then do your research. Some materials can be toxic, so be extremely thorough.

The size of the toy is another thing you may want to take into consideration. Boxers are large and if the toy is small, they can swallow it. Make sure that your dog can play with its toy without swallowing it.

Do Boxers Destroy Toys?

If your Boxer dog tends to destroy its toys, there can be a reason for that. Sometimes when Boxers spend too much time alone and they haven’t had enough physical exercise, you can find their toys all chewed up and torn apart. Boredom is one of the reasons your dog is destroying toys, so try to spend more time playing with it.

If the toy doesn’t meet its needs, your Boxer can show you that by finding the toy in pieces all over the apartment. That’s why it is important to choose a Boxer toy that is suitable for your pooch.

Avoid encouraging this behavior. Consult with a vet or a dog trainer how to show your canine friend that destroying its toys isn’t acceptable.

Best Boxer Toys – Top Six Recommendations

Jumbler Ball Toy for Dogs by KONG

The Jumbler Ball by KONG is a fun, interactive Boxer toy. The tennis ball and the squeak from the inside tease and call for a play.

The ball’s handles make it easy to pick it up and shake it. The Jumbler Ball will ensure that you and your pooch can enjoy a long game of fetch in the park. The ball is made of durable rubber material and can endure hours of play.

The ball comes in two sizes to accommodate a variety of pups.

KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy, Color Varies


  • Its material is tough and durable
  • It is available in two sizes
  • It is easy to pick it up and toss it
  • It is an interactive Boxer toy


  • It may not withstand the determination of a serious chewer

Squeaky Plush Toys for Dogs No Stuffing by ZippyPaws

A fox, a squirrel, and a raccoon will entertain your pup with squeaking action for hours. These three plush woodland-creature toys are filled with two round squeakers, and if your Boxer destroys them there won’t be a big mess because there is no stuffing.

The plush toys by ZippyPaws are suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.

Besides fun play, these soft toys can serve as nap buddies as well.

ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toys, 3-pack, Large


  • They don’t have stuffing
  • They are soft and safe for your doggie
  • They provide long squeaky fun


  • They are suitable for medium-sized dogs
  • They won’t last long with dogs that are persistent chewers

Chew Toy for Dogs Dogwood Tough by Petstages

Petstages offer a toy that can help you embrace your pup’s natural need for chewing. This toy’s material combines natural wood with synthetic material that is durable. It is non-toxic and strong, and the smell of wood will attract your pup to chew on it instead of your favorite slippers.

The toy is shaped perfectly to make toss and fetch easy and fun. If your toss the toy in water, you won’t lose it because it floats.

It comes in several sizes to accommodate various sizes and breeds.

Petstages Dogwood Tough Dog Chew Toy


  • It is made of durable and non-toxic material with a blend of natural wood
  • It is easy to pick up and toss due to its shape
  • It is suitable for all ages and breeds because it is available in different sizes


  • Not all dogs will be interested in the toy
  • It may not last long with strong, determined chewers

Chew Toy for Dogs DuraChew Power with Bacon Flavor by Nylabone

Nylabone’s chew toy will keep your Boxer’s chompers and taste buds happy. It is made of strong nylon material that it tastes like, yes, bacon.

Your pup will clean its teeth, its breath will freshen and it will satisfy its natural chewing urge, all with one toy.

This toy will keep your dog off your furniture, and it will encourage healthy chewing habits.

Nylabone DuraChew Power Chew Bacon Flavored Dog Chew Toy


  • It helps with your dog’s oral health
  • It is made of durable, bacon-flavored material
  • It is vet-recommended


  • It may not be liked by all dogs

Toy for Dogs Wild Knots Bear by KONG

This is another great toy for dogs by KONG. The inside of this cuddly bear is made of rope, while the outside is soft. Your dog will enjoy this shaker toy without making a lot of mess because it has minimal stuffing.

Also, the toy squeaks to add to the excitement while your pup shakes it. You can pick from a variety of sizes and three different colors.

KONG Wild Knots Bear Dog Toy, Color Varies


  • It is made of soft, cuddly material, perfect for nap time
  • It has rope inside which makes it a great shaker toy
  • It has a squeaker for extra fun and excitement
  • It comes in different sizes and you can choose from three different colors


  • It may not last long with serious chewers

Squeezz Ball Toy for Dogs by KONG

This is our third recommendation from KONG, and it is a great one for large breeds. The recessed squeaker in the ball gives a safe and fun squeak that will make your fetch games more enjoyable.

Furthermore, the bounce of the ball will keep your dog physically active and engaged.

KONG Squeezz Ball Dog Toy, Color Varies


  • The ball is made of tough and long-lasting rubber
  • It has hidden squeakers to continue making sounds even if the ball is punctured
  • It has a fun bounce


  • It may not last long with strong chewers

Our Final Thoughts

The Boxer is a fun, comical, and energetic dog that needs constant mental and physical stimulation. One toy will simply not do it. Ensure that it has a variety of toys that keep it engaged in different ways, and make playtime fun, interactive and enjoyable so that it looks forward to it. The best Boxer toys are durable and can withstand the chewing of your pup’s tough teeth. 

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