Best Guinea Pig Cage – Top 5 Cages

If you are looking to own a guinea pig, then you must be ready to buy one of the best guinea pig cages. The best model will provide your pet with enough space for roaming and playing safely. Picking an ideal home for your pet, however, is not easy. This is because you are likely to find many guinea pig cages in the market, which makes it challenging to identify the right one for your pet.

For this reason, we will review the five best guinea pig cages that you should consider buying. Besides, we will show you what goes into the best guinea pig cage and how to choose one.

How To Choose The Best Guinea Pig Cage

Getting the best cage is one way to ensure that your little best friend is as comfortable and happy as possible. But how can you choose the best cage?

The best cage is made of high-quality materials, is spacious, and has excellent ventilation. Guinea pigs tend to exercise a lot, so a roomy cage is a perfect choice for them. Besides, the cage should be spacious enough to allow for the addition of guinea pig toys for mental stimulation.

Since the cage will double up as your guinea pigs’ habitat, it has to be durable, safe, and affordable. As a home, the cage has to be not only safe and secure but also comfortable. So, when it comes to choosing one, make sure you factor in all the vital aspects. Otherwise, you might end up purchasing a junk instead of acquiring the product you had in mind.

Things To Look For That Differentiate Guinea Pig Cages


The dimensions of a cage are among the most notable features that differentiate guinea pig cages. Since a guinea pig is playful and cheeky, it needs a roomy cage where it can roam, run, hide, and play. To ensure that your adorable pet is healthy and active, get a spacious cage.


Different cages have different access doors. Some come with a front door, others with top doors while others come with both. Essentially, the accessibility of the cage is dependent on the size. A larger cage will tend to have more doors for easier cleaning. Therefore, when buying make sure the cage comes with enough access points.


Like we need optimal air circulation in our homes, so do your guinea pigs in the cages. What you will pick is a cage with several openings, especially those made from wire mesh to ensure maximum circulation of air in the case. It will be a disservice to your guinea pig to keep it in a poorly ventilated cage then expect it to entertain you! As such, make sure you choose a cage that has plenty of openings for air to flow in ad out of the cage freely.


Just like any pet, maintaining by cleaning the cage where your guinea pig lives is as important. Guinea pigs eat almost anything and everything, as such they can make a mess in their cages. Therefore, the cage needs cleaning at least daily to keep it clean and durable.

When buying a cage, you should consider that with a smooth bottom surface as it offers an easy cleaning process.


A cheaply made guinea pig cage won’t last long. Guinea pigs are essentially rodents, and as such, there are high chances that they will try to chew, especially the plastic material. Buying a high-quality, durable cage that is chew-proof, will last long while you don’t have to think about purchasing a new one any time soon.

5 Best Guinea Pig Cages

Hagen Living World Deluxe Habitat, Medium

I bought this guinea pigs cage a few months ago, and I can attest that it provides a comfortable and safe place for your small pets. It comes medium-sized thus perfectly fits on the floor of my smaller room. If you only have a small space reserved for your guinea pigs, then this is the cage to buy.

The construction of this cage features a wireframe at the top, and the bottom is a plastic bottom base. It is well-ventilated to ensure your guinea pig or small pets are kept comfortable with excellent air circulation.

Assembly of this cage can be a bit tricky for you even though no tools are needed. All you need to do is to remove the top to access the tray at the bottom and clean it. You don’t have to deconstruct the cage to get the tray!

The large and extra-large sizes can offer you the best options to move the hideout so that you switch things up. With the roof allowing for hanging wooden toys and crinkly tunnels, you got a perfect guinea pigs cage in this model.

Hagen Living World Deluxe Habitat, Medium


  • High-quality construction for durability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Well- ventilated for maximum comfort for pets


  • It is medium-sized, not perfect for bigger pets.

Kaytee My First Home Guinea Pig Starter Kit

If you wish to buy a guinea pig cage for your small pets, consider this guinea pig starter kit from Kaytee. When you look at it, it has everything you need for a safe and hospitable home for your pet. It comes with a habitat, clean and cozy bedding, food dish, and water bottle.

To keep the bedding in place, it features a deep plastic base. The top part is wire-made and separates from the bottom so that you can have a hassle-free cleaning of the cage.

It features a strong wire frame constructed with a one-inch bar spacing to ensure excellent ventilation of the cage. The latches and locks are all chew-proof to provide not only a safe but also a secure home for your pet.

Once you unpack this cage, you don’t need tools to assemble it. You will fix it with ease, and within minutes, you will have a guinea pig cage right before you.

Kaytee My First Home Guinea Pig Starter Kit


  • Easy to clean starter cage
  • Easy to assemble with no tools
  • Well-ventilated with one-inch bar spacing


  • May be small for guinea pigs as they need larger spaces
  • Water bottle leaks

Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus

I have seen this cage. I must say it has a perfect design for two guinea pigs. It has a divider that separates the two pets with each left with enough space to play comfortably. It also comes in handy during cleaning since you can put your guinea pigs on one side while you clean the other.

The design and construction of this cage are in a way that your guinea pigs will play and roam freely as there is plenty of space. The wire construction provides an easy way to operate from the top while the bottom has a washable canvas. The canvas is leak-proof and easy to take out and attach.

The top wire mesh is also removable and can fold flat for stress-free transport and storage. Also, the removable top makes it easier to clean the inside. So, if you intend to buy a large guinea pig cage, then this could be your best pick.

Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Pig Cage


  • Large enough for two guinea pigs
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Quality durable construction


  • Bottom canvas not leak-proof as advertised

Prevue 2025 Rabbit And Guinea Pig Cage

This cage provides a perfect home for both rabbits and guinea pigs. It is a great cage that comes with a larger size to ensure your guinea pigs or rabbits roam and play stress-free. The roomy design of this cage will allow you to set up food, water, and hay.

The bottom features a plastic material that is easy to clean by just wiping. Nonetheless, you can also scrub at least once a week to keep out stains from the urine and droppings of your rabbit or guinea pigs. The top is removable, as such you can have unlimited access to the bottom.

The top features a wire-mesh construction that ensures the cage is well-ventilated and allowing plenty of light into the cage owing to its raised plastic bottom. The top part detaches from the bottom section for hassle-free cleaning. The front door allows unlimited access into the cage for quick food and water fills.

Prevue 2025 Rabbit & Guinea Pig Cage


  • You will find cleaning and maintaining the cage exceptionally easy
  • Roomy thus perfect for guinea pigs and rabbits
  • Easy to assemble with attachable top to the bottom


  • Doesn’t open from the top
  • Larger hence could take up more space in your room.

Super Pet Hutch Guinea Pig Habitat

The Super Pet Hutch Guinea Pig Habitat can work great for your guinea pigs. It is spacious to allow for the guinea pigs to roam around with ease. It comes with Kaytee food, water bottle, and paper bedding.

The deep plastic bottom allows for beddings to spread well without spilling out. Cleaning the cage’s plastic base is also easy. Besides the top and the front doors provides easy access into the cage for easy cleaning, water, and food fills.

The sides of this cage feature a wire mesh construction that is well-spaced to allow free air circulation in and out of this cage. The front and top spring-loaded doors provide exceptional safety and easy access into this cage.

The entire cage rests on a 9-inch stand that comes with a caster wheel making you and your guinea pigs a breeze movement. However, the stand and the wheels are not stable enough. Therefore, you should be watchful when using this cage.

Super Pet Hutch Guinea Pig Habitat


  • Easy mobility with the stand and caster wheels
  • Top and front doors for convenient access into the cage
  • Large-sized for free movement of guinea pigs


  • Not stable on the wheels
  • Quite difficult to assemble


To this point, we are confident that you now know what goes into picking the best guinea pig cage or at least know the features that you must consider. You have also seen the best five guinea pig cages that you should consider buying. Although they don’t meet all your predetermined qualifications, whichever you pick, we can assure that it will best serve your guinea pigs’ needs.

Nonetheless, I recommend the Hagen Living World Deluxe Habitat, Medium guinea pig cage. This cage is well-ventilated, safe, secure, and comfortable for your guinea pigs. Moreover, it is super easy to keep it neat and comfy for your pet. What more could you want in a guinea pig cage?

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