What’s The Best Dog Food Boston Terrier Needs For His Nutrition

Boston terrier, its nickname American Gentleman says a lot about its personality. These small breed dogs are loving, gentle, friendly, bright, and affectionate, and with the proper nutrition, they can thrive and live to their maximum lifespan. With this article, we will help you choose the best dog food Boston terrier needs to live a healthy life. 

Owning a dog like the Boston terrier requires special attention to their dietary needs because these pups can be picky eaters, and sometimes they are prone to having sensitive stomachs.

Boston Terrier

Considering they are active little canines, the right nutrition that will help to fuel their body and mind is crucial for them to be the amusing and loving companions they are.

If you are wondering what foods your Boston terrier might be allergic to, or how many times a day you should feed your pooch, keep reading this content to find out.

Do Boston Terriers Need a Special Diet?

As with any other dog breed, the type of food you give to your pup will greatly impact its health and quality of life.

Why is it important to feed your Boston terrier a balanced and nutritious diet that is specific to its needs and breed? A well-balanced Boston terrier diet is important because it will help with avoiding health issues like obesity, diabetes, food allergies, and flatulence.

What Is the Best Dog Food Boston Terrier Needs?

Boston terriers have dietary needs just as any other dog breed would have. However, although all dogs need balanced nutrition, their diet will look a little bit different than that of a Chihuahua, Cane Corso, or Maltipoo.

best food for Boston Terrier

Let’s have a look at macronutrients, micronutrients, and water.


Carbohydrates, protein, and fat make the basis of any dog’s nutrition. They provide the energy that doggies need to lead an active and healthy life.

Proteins are essential for growth, muscle, cartilage, ligaments and tendon development, and skin and coat health, and they keep the body functioning at its best. The highest amount of protein is found in animal sources and it would be best to focus on protein from lean meats, organs, fish, and eggs. 

Fats are a great source of energy, they promote healthy blood flow, and healthy skin and coat, and they support gut health as well as protect internal organs. The best animal sources of fat are low-mercury fish, and meat like pork, poultry, and fish. If you want to go for plant-based sources you could consider hemp seeds, coconut oil, or flaxseeds.

Carbohydrates are essential for a Boston terrier’s diet, but they shouldn’t be the main part of its nutrition. They are used for energy, but it is really important to consider the source they are coming from because some ingredients can cause allergies. Blueberries, bananas, apples, broccoli, spinach, carrots, kale, spirulina, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, and almonds, are some of the choices that not only contain good carbs but also provide your pooch with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.


Vitamins and minerals are crucial for maintaining the healthy function of the nervous system, boosting the immune system, assisting in wound healing, providing antioxidant support, and much more. Organ meats, eggs, liver, bone broth, kale, broccoli, spirulina, hemp seeds, and cod liver oil, all are good sources of vitamins and minerals that are essential for your Boston terrier’s health.


As with humans and other dogs, water makes up most of a Boston terrier’s lean body mass. Your task is to ensure that your loving companion always has fresh, clean water available to drink.

What Is a Special Diet for Boston Terriers?

Throughout each stage of growth, your Boston terrier will have different nutritional needs. So, you need to take into consideration its age, size, metabolism, and activity level.

However, generally, you would need to provide your pup with a diet that is rich in high-quality animal protein, low animal fat, and no harmful chemicals, fillers, artificial colorings, and preservatives.

what is a special diet for Boston terriers

There are certain health conditions (listed below) that Boston terriers are genetically predisposed to, and you could help your pooch by adjusting its diet according to its condition.

However, just because certain health conditions are characteristic of Boston terriers, it doesn’t mean that they have to have one of them. Your pup can lead a perfectly healthy life without any health challenges.

Eyesight Issues

If your Boston terrier is dealing with vision problems like cataracts or glaucoma, go for food that contains pumpkin, kale, garlic, eggs, blueberries, and broccoli. These foods are rich in antioxidants that support eye health.

Patellar Luxation

Some Boston terriers may suffer from patellar luxation which is a degenerative health condition that can significantly affect their quality of life. Fish oil, chondroitin, and glucosamine are some of the ingredients that promote healthy joints.

Sensitive Digestive System

Not unlike other dog breeds, Boston terriers may develop food allergies or food intolerance as well. But, changing your pup’s diet and finding the best dog food Boston terrier needs to have good gut health will help its condition.

Do Boston Terriers Need a Grain-Free Diet?

Boston terriers don’t need a grain-free diet unless they are dealing with food allergies or food intolerance. How would you know if your pup is having tummy issues and you need to switch its diet?

If you notice certain signs like hair loss, hot spots, skin infections, constant infections of the ears, vomiting, or diarrhea, immediately consult with a veterinarian and take your pup for a check-up. Your veterinarian will let you know if you need to change its diet.

What Foods Are Boston Terriers Allergic to?

As we mentioned above, susceptibility to allergies is common with Boston terriers as with other dog breeds. These charming balls of love can develop allergic reactions to soy, corn, wheat, and some food additives.

In relation, if your pooch is allergic to these ingredients then choose a dog food that is grain-free and doesn’t use food colorings, artificial colorings, and additives. Home-cooked meals are a safe choice when it comes to allergies to food, but you may not provide all the nutrients your buddy needs.

what food are Boston Terriers allergic to

How Many Times a Day Should a Boston Terrier Eat?

The number of times you feed your Boston terrier, as well as the quantity of food, will greatly depend on its age and physical activity.

Boston Terrier Puppy – Meal Frequency

Since puppies need a lot of good quality calories to grow and develop, feeding your Boston terrier four to five meals a day will provide the necessary nutrients it requires to become a strong and healthy dog. Usually, Boston terriers reach their adulthood when they are one year old.

Follow the feeding instructions and consult with a veterinarian for the appropriate amount of food to be served per meal.

Boston Terrier Adult – Meal Frequency

Adult Boston terriers have different nutritional requirements than puppies. It is crucial to feed your adult pooch with the best dog food that contains the right ingredients formulated to support its health.

Normally the food that is intended for adult pups is less calorie-dense, and depending on its physical activity you can feed your adult Boston terrier once or twice a day.

Boston Terrier Senior – Meal Frequency

Boston terriers enter this stage of life after the seventh year. A senior dog requires special care when it comes to nutrition. Choose food for dogs that contain ingredients that support joint and bone health.

It is important to give your doggie low-caloric food since it won’t be as active as in its younger years and it can easily become overweight, which can lead to serious health problems. Feeding it once or twice per day will be more than enough.

What Food Is Best for Terriers?

We mentioned above that the best dog food Boston terrier needs will depend on its level of activity, health, and age. One more thing you should also take into consideration when choosing the best dog food is your pup’s taste. If it doesn’t like eating it, nothing else matters.

However, there are certain things that you should look at when buying food for your pooch.

food for terriers

Ingredients List – Read the label

Pay attention to the list of ingredients. These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when you are looking for the best dog food for your Boston terrier.

What are the percentages of the macronutrients?

A good balance of macronutrients is essential for your dog’s health. Good carbohydrates should be between thirty to sixty percent, proteins should take twenty to thirty percent, and essential fats should be ten to fifteen percent.

Is the protein source good quality?

The protein source should come from whole lean meats, fish, or eggs.

If your pup is a senior dog, does the food have enough fiber to keep it full?

Since senior dogs are less active than adult dogs or puppies, they need fewer calories. To avoid overeating, dog food rich in good quality fiber will keep them full longer.

Are there enough vitamins and minerals to support the growth and development of a puppy?

Essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are crucial for puppies that are growing into adulthood.

Are there any artificial colorings, preservatives, or additives?

These can trigger allergies and cause digestive issues. Ensure that the ingredients are safe for your pup.

Does it contain any grains that can trigger an allergic attack or food intolerance (if this health condition is confirmed)?

Certain grains like wheat or soy may cause allergies or food intolerance. If you have confirmed with your veterinarian that your pup has this health challenge, ensure that the dog food you are getting is grain-free.

Kibble or Wet Food?

This choice will depend again on the needs of your pooch. If it has a sensitive stomach it may be better to go with wet food, whereas if it has dental issues, kibble may be a better choice for tartar control.

How Active Is Your Boston Terrier?

The best dog food will meet your dog’s needs. Choose the one that will suit best your pup’s lifestyle. If your pooch is more active it will need more nutrients and a little bit more caloric food than the one for a pup that isn’t physically active.

Physically active for Boston Terriers

Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers – Our Top Six Recommendations

Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Food for Puppies by Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo offers a recipe that is enriched with essential vitamins, antioxidants, vital minerals, and DHA and ARA for brain and eye development, everything that is needed for a puppy to become an adult dog with a healthy and active lifestyle.

Blue Buffalo

The formula contains real meat and good quality carbohydrate sources like whole grains, fruit, and garden veggies.


  • It is enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health
  • It has vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to promote a healthy immune system
  • The kibble is puppy-sized, suitable for smaller jaws, and helps with tartar removal
  • There is no corn, wheat, soy, or chicken by-product meals in the recipe


  • Not all puppies will like it
  • It is not recommended for puppies with a sensitive digestive tract

Dry Dog Food for Active Puppies with Chicken, Brown Rice, and Vegetables by American Journey

Made with real chicken, this formula sets your puppy up for an active and healthy lifestyle. It offers complete and balanced nutrition while supporting a strong immune system and promotes healthy bone and teeth development.

American Journey

American Journey crafted this recipe with nutrient-dense ingredients like blueberries, cranberries, sweet potatoes, and kelp.


  • It doesn’t contain wheat, soy, corn, chicken by-product meals, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Its formula has ARA and DHA acid to support brain and vision development
  • It promotes healthy bone development with the addition of calcium and phosphorus
  • It contains good quality protein from real chicken


  • Some puppies won’t eat it

Dry Dog Food with Turkey and Oatmeal for Small Breed Adult Dogs by Wellness

This kibble offered by Wellness is made specifically for small-breed adult pups. Its recipe offers nutrition for the entire body, and it is enriched with glucosamine, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, taurine, and probiotics.


If your adult Boston terrier needs to optimize its energy level, this is the kibble for your buddy. It supports a strong immune system, healthy coat, and skin, and it doesn’t contain any fillers or artificial preservatives.


  • It is crafted with small dog breed in mind
  • It is free from meat by-products, GMOs, artificial preservatives, and fillers
  • It has carefully chosen premium proteins, whole grains, and good quality ingredients like blueberries and sweet potatoes
  • Its formula is supported by antioxidants, probiotics, glucosamine, fatty acids, and taurine


  • It’s not suitable for dogs with a sensitive stomach or food intolerance

Grain-Free Dry Dog Food with Bison, Lentil, and Carrot by Canidae

If your Boston terrier has a sensitive digestive system, Canidae offers this grain-free kibble that doesn’t contain wheat, soy, corn, or gluten.


Furthermore, its recipe has only ten wholesome and nutrition-dense ingredients, and the first one is real bison which provides high-quality protein for muscle support.


  • It is made from a recipe that contains simple, whole foods
  • Its formula is enriched with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and probiotics
  • It is grain-free and doesn’t contain any fillers, artificial colors, and flavors, soy, wheat, or corn


  • Some dogs may not be very fond of this kibble

Dry Dog Food for Small Breed Senior Dogs with Chicken and Brown Rice by Blue Buffalo

It is another great recipe offered by Blue Buffalo with small breed senior dogs taken into consideration. This optimized formula features antioxidant-rich ingredients with real meat from deboned chicken, whole grains, garden veggies, and fruit for nutritious fiber.

Blue Buffalo


  • It has essential vitamins and minerals for strong bones and teeth
  • It doesn’t have wheat, soy, corn, or chicken by-product meals
  • It supports joint health with the glucosamine and chondroitin
  • It contains good quality protein and carbs for healthy muscle maintenance and energy


  • Some pups won’t touch it

Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for Small Breed Senior Dogs with Real Chicken and Sweet Potato by Merrick

If your senior Boston terrier is having digestive issues, this grain and gluten-free formula by Merrick may be the kibble you’ve been looking for. It is optimized with omega fatty acids for healthy skin and shiny coat, and it supports hip and joint function with glucosamine and chondroitin.


The prebiotics and probiotics in the recipe aid digestion, while the real deboned chicken supports healthy muscles.


  • Its formula is made specifically for small breed senior dogs
  • Its first ingredient is good quality protein from real deboned chicken
  • It has high levels of omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to support an overall healthy immune system


  • If your pooch is a picky eater, this may not be the best choice

So, What Is the Best Dog Food for Boston Terrier?

The best dog food for your Boston terrier will be the one that your veterinarian has approved, that your pup enjoys, and that meets all its needs.

Ensure that it has all the necessary nutrients that are necessary for its age and activity level, and your pup will have a healthy and happy life.

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