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As cute as they are, it can be quite a hassle to care for a poodle’s coat by yourself. If you have been a poodle parent for a while, or if you’ve got a poodle mix like Goldendoodle or Maltipoo, you know that occasional bath at home is essential even if you are taking your ball of fur to a professional for regular grooming. And, the only way you are going to keep that curly fur soft is by using the best conditioner for poodles.

What is the best conditioner for poodles? Can you use your conditioner on your furry ball of love? And what can happen if you don’t take care of your poodle’s coat? If you want to find out, continue reading our content below.

How do I keep my poodle’s hair soft?

Poodles are one of those dog breeds that don’t have an undercoat. Their coat becomes curly and fluffy as they reach adulthood. However, keeping their fur curly, fluffy and soft requires daily maintenance since the loose hair can get entangled in the coat and create mats.

best conditioner for poodles

Apply the best conditioner for poodles

The best conditioner for poodles makes their curly hair soft and adds to the coat’s fluffiness. Choose a conditioner that nurtures curly hair and contains natural ingredients that are gentle and nourishing.

Brush, brush, brush

If you want your poodle’s coat to be soft, it has to be mat-free. Brushing it daily will prevent loose hair from creating mats and it will keep the coat silky.

Bathing, rinsing, drying

Your pup will probably get dirty between grooming sessions, so an occasional home bath is essential to keep the coat soft.

It’s important to give your furry ball of love a thorough rinse since its cute, long ears are like a sponge as they tend to hold suds.

Bath time

When it comes to drying it is crucial to dry your poodle’s coat with a towel first even if you are using a hairdryer. If you want you can try fluff drying to ensure the softness of your pup’s coat.

Do poodles need a conditioner?

If you want your poodle’s coat soft, tangle and mat–free and moist then the best conditioner for poodles will help with that. A good, high-quality product with anti-static properties prevents the frizzy look, and if it contains mink oil it will add shine enhancing the natural color of the coat.

Furthermore, when you take your poodle for a walk it may need protection from excessive ultraviolet rays that can damage its hair. Some conditioners contain PABA ultraviolet sunscreen that has protein for rebuilding and restructuring the coat.

Can I use a human conditioner on a poodle?

Human conditioners contain ingredients that may be harmful to your dog’s skin and hair. They may cause skin irritation and other serious issues that can be easily avoidable if you use products intended for poodles and their type of coat.

Furthermore, when you see well-groomed poodles on dog shows, most of them have had their hair done by a professional who uses conditioners for poodles to keep their coat shiny, soft, and well-hydrated.

Pups have different skin than humans, and many of them have highly sensitive skin which can be irritated when using human hair products.

How often should poodles be washed?

The answer to this question will depend on the answer to the question about how dirty does your poodle gets on a weekly basis.

Poodle is bathing

If your furry ball of love enjoys playing outside and gets dirt on its coat, it wouldn’t be bad to bathe it every week. However, using proper grooming practices and good quality products as well as the best conditioner for poodles will ensure that your dog’s hair and skin stay healthy and well hydrated.

Moreover, long-haired poodles require frequent grooming to keep their coat mat free and soft, and bathing is part of the grooming process.

What happens if you don’t groom a poodle?

The hair of the poodle will keep growing even if it isn’t clipped, so the excess hair will get entangled, and the loose hair will fall on the coat and develop mats. The mats will turn into pelts, and they can be painful for the dog. This creates difficulty when moving since the hair weighs a lot, and the pelts can cause skin infection.

Moreover, matted hair can lead to bald spots if you don’t use any products to detangle the hair and eliminate the knots.

It is okay to miss a grooming session, but if you don’t groom a poodle it can cause a string of skin issues and other difficulties for the dog.

What is the best conditioner for poodles? – Our top six recommendations

Anti-Itch Conditioner with Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, and Organic Shea Butter for Dogs by Zesty Paws

The Anti-Itch Conditioner with Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, and Organic Shea Butter by Zesty Paws gives your pup a finish equal to a professional salon session. It softens your doggie’s hair and helps with odor control.

Furthermore, the gentle formula of the conditioner has a soothing effect on dryness or hot spots, and it reduces itchiness. After the bath, your pup is given itch relief that lasts long thanks to the oatmeal which creates a moisturizing protective layer.

In addition, quinoa and organic shea butter create a magical blend that makes the skin soft and flake-free. The sweet almond extract that is included in the conditioner’s formula keeps the coat of your poodle smooth and shiny.

This product takes care of any tangles or knots in your pup’s hair, and the vanilla scent helps with odor elimination by gently deodorizing the coat.

Zesty Paws Oatmeal Anti-Itch Conditioner with Aloe Vera & Organic Shea Butter for Dogs


  • It contains aloe vera for fungi and bacteria prevention
  • It reduces itchiness and soothes dryness and hot spots
  • Its formula with a mixture of organic shea butter, quinoa, and sweet almond extract ensures soft skin without flakiness
  • It helps with detangling of knots and eliminates odor


  • It may leave residue, so thorough rinsing is a must
  • It is not recommended for serious skin conditions with itchiness

Original Conditioner Rinse with Lavender and Mint for Dogs by Buddy Wash

Your poodle will be tangle-free with the use of the Original Conditioner Rinse with Lavender and Mint by Buddy Wash. Get ready for soft and happy snuggles with your pup!

There are no ingredients that can be harsh on your dog’s skin and coat, and the formula of the conditioner is made to revitalize and moisturize.

Furthermore, the natural botanical extracts and oil will leave your poodle’s hair soft, shiny, and without knots. And, since dogs’ skin is less acidic than the skin of humans, the conditioner is pH balanced specifically for the skin of pups. You don’t need to worry about your pooch having red and flaky skin.

Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Conditioner Rinse


  • It is made from natural products that contribute to the softness of the poodle’s coat
  • It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or other ingredients that can dry your dog’s skin
  • It is specifically pH balanced for dog’s skin
  • It helps with the reduction of knots and tangles


  • The scent doesn’t stay long
  • It takes an effort to rinse out

Conditioner with Aloe, Oatmeal, and Almond Scent for Dogs and Cats by Frisco

This conditioner by Frisco is oatmeal-based and helps with dryness and itchiness. The oat protein moisturizes, protects, and hydrates the skin and the coat of your poodle.

Furthermore, aloe vera is present in the conditioner to soothe and calm the potential dryness of the skin. The added vitamins (vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5) support the health of your poodle’s skin and coat.

The conditioner doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, parabens, or dyes that can damage your pup’s skin.

Frisco Oatmeal Conditioner with Aloe for Dogs & Cats, Almond Scent


  • It is made of natural ingredients and added vitamins that support skin and coat health by adding softness and soothing dryness and itchiness
  • It doesn’t have parabens, dyes, or harsh chemicals
  • It hydrates, protects the skin, and moisturizes the coat


  • The almond scent doesn’t last long after bathing

Lush Coating Conditioner for Dogs by Isle of Dogs

The Lush Coating Conditioner helps with skin damage prevention and adds softness and fullness to your dog’s coat. The protein-based formula is specifically designed to moisturize and condition your poodle’s coat without flattening it.

Furthermore, with regular use of the Lush Coating Conditioner your will release any loose hair from your pup’s coat and cut down on shedding after the bath.

The signature violet and sea mist fragrance of Isle of Dogs is present in this conditioner as well, adding a sweet scent to your pooch’s coat.

Isle of Dogs Lush Coating Conditioner for Dogs


  • It moisturizes the skin and helps with shedding
  • It prevents damage to your doggie’s hair
  • It helps with tangles and mats

Ultra Premium DeShedding Conditioner for Dogs by FURminator

This conditioner, as other products by FURminator, helps with removing loose hair with a unique deShedding edge.

In addition, the Ultra Premium DeShedding Conditioner doesn’t have parabens, chemical dyes, or other harsh ingredients. It has an exceptional mixture of natural ingredients that condition the poodle’s coat and protect against excessive shedding.

The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, aloe vera and chamomile extract further support the health of your dog’s skin and coat.

FURminator DeShedding Ultra Premium Conditioner For Dogs


  • It is made of natural ingredients which help with moisturizing the skin and coat
  • It prevents excessive shedding and releases loose hair stuck in the coat
  • It doesn’t contain artificial dyes, fragrances, or chemicals


  • The smell may be too intense for some people

Silky Conditioner with Oatmeal for Dogs by Isle of Dogs

Another great product by Isle of Dogs is formulated with natural ingredients for deep conditioning and a silky smooth coat. This gentle conditioner is enriched with oatmeal and jojoba to soothe dryness and moisturize the dog’s skin.

Furthermore, it has a natural scent of jasmine and vanilla with natural neutralizers of odor.

Using the Silky Conditioner with Oatmeal helps loose hair to come off during bath time, so shedding is reduced afterward.

Isle of Dogs Silky Oatmeal Conditioner for Dogs


  • It is made of natural products that make the coat of the dog soft and silky
  • It helps with tangles and mats
  • It releases loose hair during bathing


  • The natural scent may not be your favorite

Choose the best conditioner for poodles

When you are choosing the best conditioner for poodles look for a product that is gentle on your pup’s skin, the more natural ingredients it has the gentler it will be. Ensure that it helps with tangles and mats and that it effectively removes loose hair. This feature will reduce shedding afterward. Although people believe that poodles don’t shed, the loose hair actually gets stuck in the coat.

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