What’s The Best Air Freshener For Cats? – Top 6 Recommendations

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Our feline friends are clean creatures, they bathe themselves every day, but their litter box may not spread the most pleasant smell. And, imagine if you leave your doors and windows closed, without any free-flowing air? However, there is something that can help in this situation, and that is the best air freshener for cats.

As we use air fresheners for other odors in our household, we could use them for cats as well. But, if you think that you could use any air freshener that you have at home, think again. There are certain smells that cats don’t really like and if you use a scented air freshener that has a particular aroma, your kitty may not use the litter for doing its business.

Also, some scents can trigger asthma attacks and can be toxic to felines, so it’s really important to choose the best air freshener for cats.

Now you may be feeling a little bit lost and confused, and wondering how you can choose the best air freshener that is going to meet your needs and it is safe for your kitty. We got you! Continue reading the article and you will get all your questions answered.

How Do I Get Rid of Cat Smell?

There are several steps you can take to reduce odor spreading from your kitty or its litter box.

How Do I Get Rid of Cat Smell

Keep Your Feline Friend Clean and Well-Groomed

Generally, kitties are known for their cleanliness and grooming habits, but sometimes they may need a little bit of help to stay clean, especially if they are outdoor cats. Bathing your cat can be an interesting and fun bonding time for both of you, and at the same time, the odor challenge will be solved.

Furthermore, grooming is another way to spend more time with your feline friend and keep it smelling nice and fresh, but make it an enjoyable experience followed by some treats.

Keep the Litter Box Clean

Getting into the habit of emptying and cleaning your kitty’s litter box regularly will impact immensely the elimination of odor. If you don’t clean the litter at least once a day the smell will get worse over time because of the bacteria in the cat’s urine that decompose a compound known as urea.

Get More Litter Trays

If you have more than one cat, multiple litter trays are a must. Firstly, cats don’t really like to do their business where another cat has been before, and they feel like they don’t have the personal space they need.  Secondly, the smell will be drastically less if only one cat is using one litter box.

However, even if you have one cat, you may want to think about placing a couple of litter trays in different rooms around your home.

Change the Litter

There are various cat litters made of different materials such as wood pellet, silica, pine, etc, and then there are some that are dust-free, some that track, and cat litters that are better than others at controlling odors. So, it is crucial that you choose the one that works best for you. Sometimes it is as simple as changing your cat’s litter.

However, you may be tempted to go for fragrance cat litter because you think it will eliminate the odor. They are not only inefficient at eliminating the odor because they just mask it, but also may be potentially hazardous to your kitty’s health. Various artificial fragrances and perfumes can trigger asthma and allergies in cats.

How Do You Deodorize a Cat’s Room?

Use Natural Solutions

There are certain items in your home that you could use to eliminate and neutralize cat odor. Baking soda is safe and effective to use on its own or you could mix it with white vinegar. If you use only baking soda, sprinkle it around the place you need to eliminate odor and make sure that you vacuum afterward.

Use Natural Solutions

Use the Best Air Freshener for Cats, and Cat Deterrent Sprays

Air fresheners are a quick and efficient way to have a home free of cat odor. You can use them to spray the entire room or just around the cat litter. But, ensure that you use an air freshener that is safe for your kitty.

Cat deterrent sprays are usually used when a feline does its business outside of its litter box. You could use a deterrent spray on its favorite spot to discourage it to urinate there. However, firstly try to discover why your cat isn’t using the litter box for urinating. If you are cleaning its litter regularly, and it is still not using it maybe it is something to be discussed with a veterinarian.

What Air Fresheners Are Safe for Cats?

If your feline friend is naturally smelly (natural cat odor) or there is a smell coming out of its litter box, the most efficient way to solve this is by having the best air freshener on hand. But, what is the best air freshener for cats? How do you know these air fresheners are safe for your kitty?

Below are some points you need to consider when buying an air freshener that is going to be safe, yet effective.

Are the Ingredients Safe?

Being a pet owner the first thing you need to take into account is your cat’s safety and wellbeing. Before you buy an air freshener, check the ingredients and ensure that they are safe for your kitty. If you want to play it safe then an air freshener designed specifically for cats will be your best option.

Furthermore, look for air fresheners with natural ingredients. But, just because they are natural it doesn’t always mean that they are safe for felines. There are some natural scents, like scents from essential oils that can be toxic to cats.

Does Your Cat Like the Smell?

Since your cat is going to be the one that is going to live around and smell the scent of the air freshener, its preference is going to matter the most. Choose a fragrance that is going to be pleasant for you and at the same time is cat-friendly. Maybe you or your cat are prone to allergies and are sensitive to certain smells. In that case, maybe going for a fragrance-free air freshener would be more suitable for both of you.

Does It Neutralize Odor?

This feature is crucial. The best air freshener for cats will be safe and pleasant for cats, and it will neutralize odors instead of just masking them. What is the difference you ask? Some products just overpower the odor with their stronger and more pleasant smell, whereas the ones that neutralize the odor affect directly the molecules that create the odor and either break them down or bind them.

Does It Neutralize Odor?

Where Do You Place the Air Freshener?

Although the air freshener that you chose may be safe for your furry friend, the place where you keep it is important to consider as well. The placement of the air freshener will depend greatly on the type of air freshener you use.

If you have a handheld air freshener and you use it when you need to by spraying around the area where you want, keep it somewhere that your cat won’t be able to reach it. You should always spray away from your kitty and preferably when the furry ball of love is not in the room.

In relation, if you use an automatic air freshener make sure it is placed somewhere that it won’t spray directly on your cat. This can hurt your cat’s eyes and cause a problem with its breathing.

What’s The Best Air Freshener for Cats? – Our Top Six Recommendations

Spray for Removing Odor by Fresh Wave

Looking for a spray to eliminate cat odor without harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and based on natural ingredients? Fresh Wave’s spray for removing lingering odors is exactly that. Its formula is created in such a way that instead of masking the odors it neutralizes its molecules.

best air freshener for cats

In relation, you can use this product on your cat’s personal area, couch, kitchen, basically, any smelly surface because it doesn’t contain alcohol or any hazardous ingredients.


  • Its formula contains natural ingredients (clove, cedarwood, lime, water, pine needles)
  • It is safe for you and your pet because it is completely natural
  • It can be used on any surface throughout your home


  • The bottle design is a little delicate

Unscented Odor Remover by ZORBX

If you prefer an air freshener that doesn’t have any fragrance, then this hypoallergenic odor remover by ZORBX may be a great choice for you. It is chlorine and bleach-free, and its formula is created to stop the smell from spreading by affecting its source.

best air freshener for cats


  • It is hypoallergenic and its formula is fragrance-free
  • It attacks the source of the smell rather than masking it
  • Its formula doesn’t contain bleach or chlorine, and because it is water-based you can use it on any surface


  • It is not completely natural, it has a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a mixture of salts used in cold medicine

Freshening Room Spray by Pet House

This air freshener by Pet House has a completely safe formula that doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives or dyes. It gives instant and long-lasting effects after spraying one to three times.

best air freshener for cats

Furthermore, it deals with the source of the smell and neutralizes odors almost instantly. If you prefer air fresheners with fragrance, there are several natural scents available (mango peach, sun-washed cotton, lavender green tea, citrus).


  • It has a natural preservative and non-toxic fragrance
  • It doesn’t contain parabens, artificial dyes, and other hazardous ingredients
  • It is safe to use it on any surface by spraying only one to three times


  • The fragrance doesn’t last long

Air Freshener by Pet Odor Exterminator

Pet Odor Exterminator offers a variety of air fresheners with distinct scents that neutralize and remove odor from the air. The formula of this particular air freshener contains enzymes that eliminate pet smells and replace the odor with its uniquely scented fragrance.

best air freshener for cats


  • It is safe to use in any area of your household
  • By working directly on the root of the odor the formula’s enzymes neutralize the smell
  • It offers a variety of exotic fragrances


  • The scent lingers too long

Deodorizer for Cat Litter by NonScents

If you want to neutralize the odor spreading from the litter of your cat, then this deodorizer by NonScents is something you could try. Its formula consists of natural zeolite that neutralizes odor and it is fragrance-free. It doesn’t leave any lingering scents and it is safe to sprinkle over your feline friend’s litter tray.

best air freshener for cats


  • It doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances
  • It is safe to use and eliminates litter odors completely
  • It is long-lasting and it needs to be applied only when you clean the litter box


  • You may feel a smell similar to bleach when your kitty starts using it

Room Spray by Enviroscent

The room spray by Enviroscent has high essential oil content and combined natural ingredients. Its formula is non-toxic and safe for your kitty. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain any respiratory sensitizers and leaves a refreshing scent in the area where you’ve used it.

best air freshener for cats


  • Its natural formula is free from chemicals and other hazardous ingredients
  • The bottles are eco-friendly because they can be refilled
  • The essential oils used are safe for your cat


  • As refreshing as it is, the scent doesn’t last long

All in all

Air fresheners are a convenient and effective solution for cat odor, but this shouldn’t be the only thing that you do to neutralize and prevent the smell from your cat or its litter. Ensuring your cat is groomed properly and clean, as well as that its litter box is regularly emptied is crucial to eliminating odor.

Furthermore, the choice of air freshener will greatly depend on whether you and your cat prefer one that is scented or fragrance-free. Another thing to consider is if you want an air freshener that is sprayed, or you prefer a deodorizer that is sprinkled on the litter. And, most importantly see if the product is safe for your kitty because a healthy cat is a happy cat.

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