How Many Times Does A Cat Pee A Day? (What’s Good To Know)

how many times does a cat pee a day

Ah, yes. The age-old question that all cat owners ponder is: how many times does a cat pee a day? Lucky for you, this blog seeks to answer that question and more! Come dive into the beautiful world of feline urinary habits and behaviors as we explore everything there is to know about cats and … Read more

What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Deworming A Cat? (Useful Info)

side effects of deworming a cat

Every cat has to deal with worms at some point, but what happens when you start a deworming regimen? Let’s dive in and explore the potential side effects of deworming a cat as we discuss the best methods for keeping your feline friend healthy and free from pesky parasites. Side Effects Of Cat Dewormer Deworming … Read more

Save Your Furniture – How To Keep Cats From Scratching Leather Couch

cats from scratching leather couch

Everyone loves cuddling up on their leather couch with a purring cat, but no one likes when their furniture gets scratched! You don’t have to give up on owning a cat or get rid of your leather couch – instead, explore these five methods for keeping cats from scratching the leather couch. Do Cats Like … Read more

What If My Cat Is Limping Back Leg? Should I Be Worried? (Causes)

cat is limping back leg

You know how problematic it can be if you’ve seen your beloved cat limping. You’ve probably asked yourself a million questions: In this blog post, we’ll explore the various causes of cats limping and answer the big question – should you be worried?  Let’s start digging in to find out what is causing your cat … Read more

What Is The Best Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin? Top 7 Products

the best dog shampoo for itchy skin

Are you feeling a bit, ahem, “ruff” lately? Your pup may be trying to tell you something! If their skin is itchy and uncomfortable, it might be time to help them with some of the best dog shampoos. We’ll help you pick the perfect one with our rundown of the top 7. Does My Dog … Read more

Are Maine Coon Cats Hypoallergenic? Useful Info About The Breed

Are maine coon cats hypoallergenic

Have you ever met a Maine Coon Cat and wondered whether they were hypoallergenic? Many cat owners hesitate to consider a furry feline friend due to allergies, but don’t worry! This blog will provide everything you need to know about the Maine Coon and its hypoallergenic capabilities. Let’s explore this unique breed and find out … Read more

Do Cats Have Eyelashes? The Ultimate Guide For Cat Owners

do cats have eyelashes

Have you ever been mesmerized by your cat’s eyes and wondered if cats have eyelashes like humans? The answer might surprise you! In this blog, I’ll answer the question, “Do cats have eyelashes?” and offer an informative guide to understanding everything there is to know about feline eyelashes. So get ready to explore the mysterious … Read more

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